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I want 2020 to be all about connection. This year, my resolution is to deepen and broaden my connections with my children, my clients, my employees, my friends, and my own health. I’m participating in a five-day challenge with other female lawyers to be intentional in the new year. Each of us picked a word we wanted to drive 2020, and I picked connection because, deep down, I think it’s what we all yearn for. I like to joke with my friends that it’s like on the airplane: If I don’t put on my own mask first, I won’t be able to save anybody else, either. When I’m grounded and taking care of myself, I know I give my clients better representation. I am a better mother and a better friend. And so, in the spirit of connecting first with my own health and well-being, I got a Peloton this year — an indoor bike that allows me to take in-demand classes. So far, I’ve been working really hard to make sure I do something on the Peloton every single day, and it’s helping me stay engaged and connected to my physical self. Even today, I’m sick, I’m getting over a cold, and I’m tired. Still, I did five minutes of stretching, got on the Pelton for 15 minutes, and then did five more minutes of stretching. It’s not always about getting in that crazy hard workout. Sometimes it’s just about showing up.

As lawyers, we practice law because we’ve been called to, but truthfully, being a lawyer is both stressful and sedentary. When your job is all about putting out other people’s fires, it’s easy to lose track of your own needs. For example, I’d love to ride my Peloton every morning first thing, but I have to be in court by 9 a.m., ready to try a case. If I want to make sure I have time to take care of myself, I have to put in effort and make it a real focus. Ultimately, I know that when I take the time to connect with my physical self, it propels everything forward, making me better at all of the other things I do, from being a lawyer, a friend, a significant other to being a mother. When I first got my Peloton, I was on a streak. I rode every day for 17 days in a row. But then I got sick — and I mean really, really, can’t-get-out-of-bed sick. It would have been easy for me to push myself for perfection, to insist I get on that bike even though I felt like death, but I had to remind myself that connection is also about balance. When you get out of balance and try to get too many balls up in the air at once, you lose your connection. Sooner or later, one of those balls is going to come crashing down. –Kim Keheley Frye

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