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It truly is an exciting time in my life. There is somuch change happening and I could not be happier. Within the next six months my family will have an addition of four babies. My wife, Allie, and I are expecting our first child-a little girl-in February and we can’t wait for her arrival. Just as exciting, both my sister and her sister are expecting at the end of October and my cousin is expecting in the middle of November. Talk about baby fever! I can’t wait for family gatherings and holidays next year when all the children can be together-including my older nephew, Maslow. Allie and I had always told our family and friends we were waiting until later in the year to start our family, which allowed us to hide it easily once we got the good news! We discussed when and howwe wanted to tell our parents. We had the perfect opportunity when we took my parents, Tina and Jeff, out for a joint Father’s and Mother’s Day dinner. Prior to dinner, Allie and I decided we wouldn’t share the news, which we had found out the day before, just yet unless they specifically asked. We figured with it being an expensive dinner they would expect Allie to have a glass of wine and may question if she didn’t. Sure enough, my dad caught on and we celebrated the good news. Allie’s family lives in Louisville so we had to make sure they weren’t suspicious when we asked to meet in Nashville for lunch, which we’ve never done. We told them it was a belated Father’s and Mother’s Day lunch and Allie got them a card that they expected to be for the occasion. When they opened the card they were shocked to find it was actually Grandparent’s card telling them the good news. Allie and I moved to Collierville at the beginning of 2017 with the intention to make roots and start a family. We are extremely excited about what the future holds for our growing family! Babies, babies, babies!

Dr. Jeff Edwards


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