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9 STEPS OF THE TRIAL PROCESS Come Prepared for Yours

No one wants to end up in court, but sometimes the unexpected occurs. Being in trial isn’t like the popular court TV shows, which leave much of the trial process out. It’s important to know the real steps of a trial so nothing will take you by surprise.

1 JURY SELECTION The judge, prosecutor, and your lawyer will interview prospective jurors to determine whether they can be fair and impartial. It is the first and most crucial point in the trial process, as it can determine the overall outcome of your case. 2 OPENING STATEMENTS An opening statement is a brief summary that clarifies what you and the evidence will show and prove in the trial. Both sides will go into the details and facts regarding the case. 3 PROSECUTION’S CASE IN CHIEF In criminal cases, the burden lies with the state, and it is the prosecutor’s job is to convince the jury that you are, without a doubt, guilty. Here, your lawyer can cross- examine any witnesses that the state produces.

4 MOTION FOR JUDGMENT OF ACQUITTAL After the prosecutor says their piece, your lawyer will ask the court to throw the case out due to insufficient evidence to convict you. 5 DEFENSE CASE IN CHIEF In this step, you defend your argument and use witnesses of your own to refute the prosecution’s claims. 6 RENEWED MOTION FOR JUDGMENT OF ACQUITTAL Here, your lawyer will once again ask the judge to throw the case out because the evidence proves your innocence. 7 CLOSING ARGUMENTS This stage in the trial is what people are accustomed to see on television.

The prosecution and defense will explain what the evidence means to the jury and why the jury should side with them. 8 JURY DELIBERATION After the judge has instructed the jurors on the lay they will apply to the case, they will enter the jury room and discuss the case. Juror deliberation can last from a few minutes to several days as they decide if you’re guilty or not. 9 JURY VERDICT Once they’ve come to a decision, forms will be given to the jury where they will check if you are guilty or not guilty. This form is handed over to the judge, and then you learn your fate.

Laugh Out Loud

Peanut Butter and Berry French Toast French toast is a staple for a weekend breakfast at home, but this version takes things to another level. Consider it a hybrid of French toast and PB&J. It’s just as delicious as it sounds. Ingredients

2 cups cornflakes

8 slices brioche, 1/2-inch thick

2 tablespoons unsalted butter

1/4 cup creamy peanut butter

2 cups mixed berries

2 large eggs

Powdered sugar, to sprinkle

1/8 cup heavy cream

Maple syrup, for serving

2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract


4. In a large skillet over medium heat, melt 1 tablespoon butter. Once melted and up to temperature, add sandwiches, cooking on one side until golden and crisp, about 2–3 minutes. 5. Return sandwiches to baking sheet, add remaining butter, and repeat on other side. 6. Top sandwiches with berries, sprinkle with powdered sugar, and serve with maple syrup.

1. On a large baking sheet lined with wax paper, place 4 slices of brioche and spread 1 tablespoon of peanut butter on each. Cover with remaining slices, creating sandwiches. 2. In a pie plate, beat eggs with cream and vanilla. In another, coarsely crush the cornflakes. 3. Lightly soak sandwiches in the egg mixture, then dredge in cornflakes, pressing to adhere. Return to baking sheet.

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