Center for Holocaust Studies and Human Rights

THE ARNOLD AND ESTHER TUZMAN Memorial Holocaust Teach-In

The biennial program engages teachers and students in a variety of fields and professional spaces in dialogue about the Holocaust. About three- quarters of attendees in the most recent program with illustrator and author Art Spiegelman confirmed that they have already modified their teaching or plan to change it based on the lessons learned at the 2021 Teach-In. The program is planned in full partnership with a multi-generational committee of Arnold and Esther Tuzman’s family. Beginning in 2010, these collaborative efforts have provoked continued thought and learning about the Holocaust and its attendant messages for humanity. Participants leave the Teach-In with powerful educational tools and inspiration to make meaning in their lives and the lives of their students.

Attendees by Field

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Data from the 2021 Teach-In

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