Center for Holocaust Studies and Human Rights

Gratz College is committed to the proposition that education is the best means of advancing substantive conversation and combating hate. Our students are on the “front lines” of these discussions: they’re educators in classrooms, policymakers in board rooms, and faith leaders in sacred spaces. Gratz prepares these women and men with the deep learning in Holocaust Studies and other critical subjects to share a history and wisdom to change the world. Our Founding Stakeholders Campaign is an opportunity for you to partner in this important work and share in Gratz’s impact. This campaign seeks to engage you and a broad coalition of stakeholders to build an endowment at Gratz College that will grow and sustain our Center for Holocaust Studies and Human Rights. As a Founding Stakeholder, your contribution will help the Center for Holocaust Studies and Human Rights at Gratz College realize its transformational vision to be a world leader in preparing leaders, teachers, and scholars to transmit the lessons of history across generations for the purpose of a more peaceful and just future. Become a Founding Stakeholder

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