Center for Holocaust Studies and Human Rights


The Center for Holocaust and Human Rights represents Gratz College's most profound contribution to Jewish wisdom. The goals of the Center match the multiple ways according to Pew Research Center, that Jews in the United States and elsewhere make meaning of their faith and community: remembering the Holocaust; leading ethical lives, working for justice; and making meaning of their intellectual curiosities. The Center’s myriad programs accomplish this and creatively broaden these core goals beyond the Jewish context and the Jewish community. The Center is home to the world's most robust graduate program in Holocaust and Genocide Studies. Its reach, as a fully online program, is peerless. Its MA and PhD students are field leaders, situated in museums, Jewish schools, government agencies and public schools in states with mandatory Holocaust education. These students are part of a vision that includes the biannual Arnold and Esther Tuzman Memorial Teach-In and other public events that anchor research in shared learning and experiences. All this complements the Center’s Human Rights and Interfaith programs. The Center will also be the cornerstone for new initiatives to educate on the complexities of American Antisemitism.”The Center’s offerings are taught by leading figures who place Jewish history and Jewish wisdom in conversation with the lessons of other sensitive and sometimes severe touchpoints of human history. Gratz’s Center for Holocaust Studies and Human Rights, then, is one of our community’s greatest investments of applied Jewish wisdom for the twenty-first century. And its reach and impact goes even further than that. — DR. ZEV ELEFF, President

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