Center for Holocaust Studies and Human Rights

Antisemitism and Human Rights

Gratz engages learners across the continuum— from graduate students, continuing adult education students, and our Gratz Academy program teens — in challenging content led by outstanding scholars.


LEARNING WITH COMMUNITY Gratz President Zev Eleff began his teaching at Gratz College with an eight- part community education series on the history of Antisemitism. Students hailing from Toronto, Florida, Philadelphia, and Texas traveled in time with him to Blois, Barcelona, Kishinev, Berlin, and Paducah to investigate the nuances and changes in anti-Jewish violence over the ages.

LEARNING WITH TEENS Gratz Academy provides a variety of courses for teens, including one taught by Gratz alumna, Dr. Samantha Vinokur-Meinrath: “Antisemitism and the Modern Jewish Experience.” This course combines history, contemporary issues, and self-discovery, using antisemitism as a lens for exploring Jewish choices, questions of self esteem, and personal practices.

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