"The world is dangerous to live in not because of the people who do evil things, but because of the people who know about it but do nothing to stop it." 1

Tragically, each year an estimated 14,196 persons are murdered nationwide, a murder every 37 minutes.

The purpose for this memoriam is to give the children/teens that were taken to soon, a place to be recollected and for individuals to comprehend what cause their valuable lives to be taken in appalling conduct. I'm not the slightest bit attempting to lessen their memory or hurt family and friends. I trust their stories ought to be told and on the off chance that one individual is to come to and be touched by the passing of these valuable heavenly angels then this site has filled no less than one need. This memoriam is dedicated to those ranging

from the ages of 6 weeks-17 yrs

Published: Aubrey Leigh

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