"The world is dangerous to live in not because of the people who do evil things, but because of the people who know about it but do nothing to stop it." 2 Kelsey Lauryn Abraham Dec. 28, 1991-Jul. 28, 1997 5 yrs. old Kelsey Lauryn Abraham, 5, was fatally shot by her father during his first visitation after her parents divorced. Yetta Abramowitz 1915-May 14, 1927 12 yrs. old Yetta Abramowitz, 12, was strangled and beaten on the roof of a five-story apartment house at 1013 Simpson Street. Ashley Nicole Abshier May 25, 1993-Mar. 30, 1995 22 months old Ashley Nicole Abshier, 22 months, was dead upon arrival at the hospital from injuries consistent with child abuse. Debbie Catherine Ackerman and Maria Johnson, both 15 and students at Ball High School, disappeared together from a Galveston, Texas shopping mall. Their bodies were later found in Turner's Bayou. Their deaths are thought to be related to that the murders and disappearances of 26 other women and girls from the Galveston, Texas area since 1971. Melissa Love "Missy" Ackerman Jun. 12, 1977-Jun. 18, 1985 8 yrs. old Melissa Love "Missy" Ackerman, 8, and her friend, Opal Horton, 8, were riding their bikes in Somonauk, Illinois, when a man confronted them. Melissa's body was found several weeks later, she had been kidnapped, raped, and murdered. Debbie Catherine Ackerman Jun. 23, 1956-Nov. 18, 1971 15 yrs. old

Chelsey Acorn May 14, 1991-Jun. 5, 2005 14 yrs. old

Published: Aubrey Leigh

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