L1299 - Trailer Full Line Brochure


RTR ® READY-TO-ROLL ® Extended-life wheel-end packages

HXL5 ® Hendrickson Extended-Life 5-Year System ™ • 5-year limited warranty* • Semi-fluid grease • Die-cast aluminum hubcap HXL3 ® Hendrickson Extended-Life 3-Year System ™ • 3-year limited warranty* • Affordable oil-bath wheel-end • Die-cast aluminum hubcap

With RTR ® READY-TO-ROLL ® wheel-end packages, Hendrickson offers fully integrated solutions that help minimize operating costs and improve performance. RTR wheel-end packages are available on INTRAAX ® , INTRAAX ® SP, VANTRAAX ® , ULTRAA-K ® , CONNEX ® and CONNEX ® ST integrated air suspension systems and TRLAXLE ® non-integrated axles.

Hendrickson wheel-end systems deliver low-maintenance, durability and reduced weight with the convenience of a single-source supplier.

HXL7 ® , HXL5 ® and HXL3 ® Wheel-ends — Field serviceable with Hendrickson approved components — Cost-effective, extended service option that delivers durability and outstanding performance — Standard with Hendrickson’s patented wheel-end ventilation system ▲ — Available with TIREMAAX ® PRO tire pressure control system ▲ — Set at light preload for improved bearing and seal life — Tamper deterrent — PRECISION240 ® and PRECISION320 ® spindle nut systems allow for ultra-precise bearing adjustment — Extended service seal resists leaking and helps prevent contamination ingress — Ductile iron, aluminum or Dura-Light Hub ® available

Hendrickson MAXX22T ™ Optimized trailer air disc brake system • Proprietary Hendrickson MAXX22T ™ system • Lightweight rotor and torque plate deliver unparalleled weight savings over ductile iron designs • Enhanced weight savings with the Dura-Light Hub ® option Brake Options Extend intervals between brake service • HXS ® Hendrickson Extended Service ™ brakes with thicker lining blocks extend brake life • Wide HXS 16.5 × 8.625 in. brakes can help increase miles between lining changes • Cam Tube System ™ for trailer suspensions helps extend life of brake camshafts and bushings

▲ This product is covered by at least one or more U.S. and/or foreign patents and/or pending U.S. and/or foreign patent applications. See Hendrickson for details.

HXL7 ® Hendrickson Extended-Life 7-Year System ™ • 7-year limited warranty* • Semi-fluid grease • Corrosion-resistant hubcap

• Bolt-on dust shield for easier installation and maintenance • The only ADB system offered with Hendrickson comprehensive warranty* coverage

PRECISION320 ® nut system


*Contact your local Hendrickson representative for complete warranty terms, conditions and limitations.

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