L1299 - Trailer Full Line Brochure


LDA ™ Large-Diameter Axle Superior axle design


Adds operational flexibility and helps extend tire life, improve maneuverability and increase fuel economy • Combine with INTRAAX, VANTRAAX and some HT ™ Series suspension models • No chains, cables or metal-on-metal parts to wear or bind • Bolt-on UBL feature is available in both galvanized and painted versions for installation flexibility

• LDA ™ Large-Diameter Axles featured on most INTRAAX ® and VANTRAAX ® suspension systems

— Lighter than comparable 5 in. axles, allowing more cargo per load — Bending and torsional stiffness increased for reduced deflection — Axle wrap, spindle and spider mounting surfaces are machined in one step to ensure precise brake geometry and wheel positioning — Brake hardware attached to trailing arms rather than welded to axle, minimizing axle stress

Corrosion Protection / Coatings Hendrickson coatings help protect your investment

• Hot-Dip Wax: Exclusive to ULTRAA-K ® , a self-healing, pliable coating that re-seals itself in areas with minimal damage. Entire slider box is coated for exceptional coverage and comes with a 10-year structural corrosion warranty.* • Black or Grey Soft-Coat: A self-healing, pliable, water-resistant coating that re-seals itself in areas with minimal damage • Hot-Dipped Galvanized: Zinc coating for improved chip and corrosion resistance. Available on INTRAAX ® bolt-on frame brackets and limited VANTRAAX and ULTRAA-K ® slider boxes • Black Primer: Uses a multi-stage cleaning and preparation process for high adhesion • AAXTREME COAT ® : Premium brake shoe coating provides superior corrosion protection in tough environments • E-coat: All Hendrickson brake shoes are standard with high-quality e-coat for improved resistance to rust-jacking * Contact your local Hendrickson representative for complete warranty terms, conditions and limitations.

Low-Maintenance and Convenience Time and money-saving features • Simple, functional designs use fewer parts — that means fewer parts to wear out • QUIK-ALIGN ® — fast and easy axle realignment system requires no welding or special tools • TRI-FUNCTIONAL ® Bushings — proven technology for miles of dependable service • Single source for comprehensive technical support, training and warranty Lift Kits • CL, HTCL, VCL and HTBL lifts available for use on select HT Series models with capacities of 23,000 to 30,000 lbs. • SBL ® SIDE BEAM LIFT ® and CL center lift kits available for HT250US models • CL center lift kits available for HT250US models


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