L1299 - Trailer Full Line Brochure

TIREMAAX ® PRO / PRO-LB Advanced tire pressure control systems • Automatically inflate tires using trailer air supply • Prevents overinflation by relieving air from tires back through controller ▲ • Equalize pressure across all wheel positions • PRO-LB adjusts tire pressure based on axle load See TIREMAAX brochure – L1313

▲ This product is covered by at least one or more U.S. and/or foreign patents and/or pending U.S. and/or foreign patent applications. See Hendrickson for details.

ZMD ® ZERO MAINTENANCE DAMPING ® Hendrickson exclusive ride technology • Reduces suspension maintenance by eliminating shocks • Patented air spring ▲ performs damping function by exchanging pressurized air through channels • Uniform damping levels • Robust chain down stop provides maximum durability • Reduces risk of CSA violations from leaking or worn shocks • Superior driver comfort, ride quality and cargo protection

• Standard on ULTRAA-K ® and available as an option on select VANTRAAX ® and INTRAAX ® models


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