2020 Trend Predictions

A modern twist on the 2018 standout trend, “Meal Prep,” we predicted “Meal Kits” would take over Food & Drink in 2019. The perfect solution for busy cooks who could use a little help in the kitchen, “Meal Kits” have popped up in grocery stores and online subscription services. The key to conquering this rising trend was to make gourmet cooking accessible for everyone, with pre- prepped ingredients, portioned-out seasoning mixes, and step-by-step recipe instructions. Meal Kit 2019 FOOD TREND Make all your dinner dreams pasta-ble! Lulu The Baker cut down on meal prepping time by adding Tyson’s Dinner Kits from Kroger to the menu. By pairing Four Cheese Chicken and Broccoli Pasta with a homemade salad and buns, audiences can create a balanced, quick, and deli- cious dish—ideal for busy weeknight meals and impres- sive enough for weekend dinner guests. In Collaboration with: Lulu the Baker Tyson at Kroger QUICK & EASY WEEKNIGHT DINNER






“Meal Kits” trends multiple times during the busy holiday season, and during spring and summer months.

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