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Sparkling Swaps 2019 BEVERAGE TREND

Sip, sip, hooray! In 2019, consumers were mixing up their mixed drinks of choice with “Sparkling Swaps.” We saw carbonated beverages bubble up in popularity through- out the whole of 2018 and expected this topic to continue to trend well with shoppers. As part of this trend, spar- kling water made for a great mixer or soda swap, while carbonated alcoholic drinks became more and more popular among younger consumers. We encouraged brands to include fruity add-ins and fun entertaining tips to inspire audiences to take advantage of this fizzy fad.






“Sparkling Drinks” trend year-round, with spikes in winter months and summer, when shoppers are looking for lower-calorie cocktail ideas.

What goes better together than moms and mimosas? Cupcakes and Cutlery inspired audiences to spoil their moms for Mother’s Day while still including all of their loved ones. The influencer set up a “mock-mosa” drink station including a variety of Sparkling Ice flavors from Albertsons, club soda, tonic water, elderflower syrup, fruit, herbs, and drink accessories. With a variety of virgin drinks to concoct, the whole family can gather around to celebrate mom! In Collaboration with: Cupcakes & Cutlery Sparkling Ice at Albertson’s NON ALCOHOL IC MIMOSAS

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