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Widely known as a key component of youthful, glowing skin, “Collagen” was staged to become a major player in Health & Beauty in 2019. Consumers added pow- dered “Collagen” supplements to smoothies, coffee, energy bites, and more in order to take advantage of its health-enhancing properties. Potential benefits include stimulated hair and nail growth, improved skin health, boosted muscle mass, and lessened joint pain. Collagen 2019 HEALTH TREND






“Collagen” is a relatively new trending topic that has become popular year-round, with peaks in fall and spring, as shoppers look to revamp their seasonal skincare routines.

Skin elasticity, strong nails, and healthy hair? Sign us up! What Molly Made cued readers into the fountain of youth, aka collagen, which she implemented into her morning routine with Garden of Life’s Grass Fed Collagen Pep- tides. By whisking the collagen supplement in with her morning matcha latte, the influencer and her audience were able to enjoy a delicious drink and the cornucopia of collagen’s benefits. In Collaboration with: What Molly Made Garden of Life Collagen COL LAGEN MATCHA LATTE

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