2020 Trend Predictions

A home is about more than just the stuff that you put in it. It’s also about the feeling shoppers get when they walk in the door. That’s why we predicted that “Aroma- therapy” would be a major Household trend in 2019. From including essential oils in their beauty products to making scented candles and diffusers the focal point of seasonal decor, consumers were looking for natural ways to tackle their everyday stresses and make their homes smell good in the process. We encouraged brands to find ways to incorporate “Aromatherapy” into cleaning guides, daily routines, and DIY gift ideas for the home. Aromatherapy 2019 HOUSEHOLD TREND






The topic “Aromatherapy” is a popular trend throughout the year. Because of its versatility, popularity, and seasonal scents, shoppers are constantly looking for ways to add a variety of scents to their homes.

In Collaboration with: Dream Green DIY Glade TOASTY SCENTS FOR FAL L

There’s no smell like home! Dream Green DIY inspired shoppers to cozy up their homes for the fall season by ornamenting their houses with pumpkin and leaf décor along with seasonal scents from Glade (available in both three wick candles and wall plugIns). With smells like Toasty Pumpkin Spice, Warm Flannel Embrace, and Cozy Cider Sipping, audiences can swaddle themselves in the full autumn experience while snuggled up indoors.

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