2020 Trend Predictions

Green & glamorous! Everyone has to do their part; help make shoppers’ piece a little easier by motivating them to switch to Zero-Waste Feminine Care or by incorporating Plastic-Free Bathroom Storage into their “Environmental- ly-Friendly” beauty regimens. Environmentally-Friendly 2020 BEAUTY TREND PREDICT ION

TOP RELATED KEYWORDS: • Palm Oil • Reuse • Bamboo • Skin Care • Sustainability • Carbon Footprint • Sustainable Products • Zero Waste • Recycling • Plastics • Organic Cotton • Beeswax






“Environmentally-Friendly” gains popularity during the spring as customers look to grow healthier habits and refresh their beauty routines for the better.

Aluminum-Free Deodorant

Plastic-Free Bathroom Storage

Zero-Waste Feminine Care

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