2020 Trend Predictions

Shoppers are listening to their guts—both figuratively and literally! “Gut Health” is a rising concern among audiences; encourage shoppers to incorporate Fermented Drinks, Colon Cleanses, and Supplements into their 2020 wellness routines. Gut Health 2020 HEALTH TREND PREDICT ION

TOP RELATED KEYWORDS: • Gastrointestinal Tract • Ancient Greek Medicine • Human Microbacteria • Leaky Gut • Kombucha • Bacteria • Gut Flora • Irritable Bowel Syndrome • Intestinal Permeability • Prebiotic • Microbiota • Human Microbiota






“Gut Health” increases in popularity mid-May, peaks on June 5, and falls in mid-July.

Fermented Drinks

Colon Cleanse

Supplement Routine

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