Patrick R Kelly - July 2020

July 2020

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Fourth of July Adventures The Best Ways to Celebrate Independence Day

July is an exciting time of the year in Dallas, especially on the Fourth of July. If you’ve read our previous newsletters, you know that means something since the entire area hosts holiday events all year long. For my family, it’s a full day of celebration and relaxation while checking out activities everyone enjoys. In the morning, we go see the Lakewood Parade, and I was even roped into driving one of the floats last year! It’s a fun, low-key event that our neighborhood community loves putting on every year, traversing through the heart of Lakewood. There’s always a theme for it, and I believe it was “Lakewood-stock” last year — hosting army jeeps, fire trucks, and cop cars for the kids to gaze at. It usually starts pretty early, and we bike over to the parade’s starting point about half an hour before it begins. Visiting with your neighbors is a nice way to pass the time between seeing floats, which gives you that small-town feeling you don’t usually find in the area. At the time of writing this, my understanding is that the parade is canceled due to the pandemic concerns. But I feel confident it will be back on next year. During the day, it’s so hot that the entire area hosts poolside and lakeside parties. Every year, the legendary Texas Pool hosts a pool party from noon to 6 p.m. During the event, you can enjoy classic Texas Pool hot dogs and poolside games. It’s only $10 per person and free for members, so it’s a great chance to enjoy the sun while cooling off with your friends. While

spot beforehand because most of the local campgrounds fill up fast.

the events are exciting, we usually stop by the house for a break to grill. There, we fill up on our versions of classic Americana recipes for hot dogs, hamburgers, and baked beans. When the sun is setting, I get out the kids’ safe and sane fireworks, like sparklers, fountains, strobes, and smoke bombs. After we eat and have some fun at home, we try to go somewhere with a big professional fireworks display, like a local country club or lake event. I loved those shows as a kid, and I know my children will cherish them for years to come. It’s a classic American pastime of taking out the lawn chairs, breaking open the ice chest, and watching the fireworks light up the sky. Sometimes, we go camping to watch the fireworks at north Texas lakes. If this sounds like your type of way to spend the Fourth, make sure to do your research and secure a

Just last year, we went to Lake Texoma with my sister and her family to spend the afternoon fishing, kayaking, and enjoying one another’s company. During the fireworks show, the kids were in a huge inflatable Pegasus float playing and seeing the various bright colors light up the sky while we watched from the shore. If you have any local events you’re looking forward to this year, let me know next time we chat! Since celebrations are being canceled or adjusting their procedures, I’ve been trying to find some new and unique ways to have fun with the family.

-Patrick R. Kelly

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