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12 March 2018 Flowing Forward

Getting to know Kep Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have heard that we’ve welcomed our first four-legged employee – and the first dog to be employed by an Australian water utility – who will work as a leak detection specialist. Now that Kep has hit the ground in Perth and started to settle in, we talked to one of her handlers, Nicola Williams, Associate Planner – Integrated Water Cycle in Asset Investment Planning Regional, whose home the springer spaniel is staying at while acclimatising to WA. “Kep is still very young but she has great focus for a puppy her age. We’re working on gradually building her stamina so that she will be ready for full days in the field,” said Nicola. “She’s still getting regular training, andmeeting all the different parts of the business, with groups around Water Corporation like Customer and Industry Partnerships and Perth Region Alliance helping me find locations for her to practise her skills. “When she’s off the clock she goes for a one hour walk every day, and is currently spending time between her dog run and the back yard. The dog run offers her a place she can switch off from all the smells in the back yard. “She loves human company and is quite affectionate. Of course I love her but we’re training her to be an independent, resilient dog, so this means pats are limited and only given by her handlers.” All about Kep • Kep is a female springer spaniel and her name was chosen by the Western Australian community. More than 7,000 people voted on Facebook to name the dog, with ‘Kep’ being the Noongar word for ‘water’. • Ten-month-old Kep arrived from Sydney in early March and has been trained to recognise the scent of scheme water, and ignore all other scents such as rain water, pipes and fittings. Her reward for finding the target scent is to chase a tennis ball.

Kep was out and about in Fremantle for a training session, and felt right at home taking a rest by a sign for the Museum of Water, which we sponsor. Kep is with one of her handlers and current homestay host Nicola Williams.

• Kep’s employment follows a successful trial of leak detection dogs in 2017 to find an alternative to traditional leak detection technologies in regional areas, which are often not cost effective. • She will also help spread important water saving messages to schoolchildren through our Waterwise Schools Program. For more photos of Kep, see page 2.

7th year in a row - we’re WA’s leading blood donor business Our people rolled up their sleeves in 2017 to retain the title of the largest blood donor in the Australian Red Cross Blood Service’s Red25 Corporate Category.

We gave 853 blood donations last year to help save 2559 lives as part of the Red25 program. “I set the challenge to beat the previous year’s 750 donations and aimed for 800, and we ended up with 853, so Water Corporation really rallied well,” said our Red25 lead coordinator Chris le Juge de Segrais, Manager – Investment Support in Asset Investment. Chris accepted the trophy at the awards ceremony, also attended by fellow coordinators Peter Ryan, Application Delivery Manager in IT Operations, Kristan Norris, Senior Advisor – Corporation Risk Management and Zac Puzey, Team Leader – Operations, alongside our CEO Sue Murphy and Ashley Vincent, General Manager Assets Planning. “For next year, I’m reaching really high with the goal of getting 950 donations, and we’re talking about getting some good intergroup rivalry going among the general managers to help us achieve it. We’ll need a lot more donors to reach the target but what a great cause to get competitive over – saving lives!”

Chris said this year we started getting groups of graduates and vacation students donating. “It’s excellent to see the grads and students donating, as they are young and will hopefully continue to donate throughout their lives.” “One in three people will need blood in their lifetime – chances are they could be your workmate, neighbour or family member – so we need plenty of donations to keep supplies up.” To help us keep our top place in the Red25 corporate category and continue to save lives, why not join our team this year and donate blood? Chat to Chris Le Juge de Segrais on 9420 3168 to register. Donations are tracked online, allowing us to see how many lives we’re saving. For more information talk to Chris or visit donateblood.com.au/red25.

Our Red25 coordinators (left to right) Kristan Norris, Chris le Juge de Segrais, Peter Ryan and Zac Puzey.


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