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May has finally arrived and kids across the state couldn’t be more excited that school is out for summer. This time of year is perfect to pack the family in the car and travel to one of your favorite vacation destinations. National Road Trip Day falls on May 27 this year, and it provides a great opportunity to travel with your friends or family to some of this country’s most beautiful locations. Though I didn’t take many road trips throughout my childhood, those I took in college are some of my favorite memories. When I moved to Florida for college, I was amazed by how quickly you can travel between states in the South. Within just a few hours, you could have traveled between 2–3 different states. I wanted to see more of the country, so I took advantage of the situation. It wasn’t crazy for me and my friends to take a trip to Alabama or Georgia at a moment’s notice. When I was in North Carolina doing a rotation for physical therapy school, my road trip adventures went to the next level. I was in Greensboro but I also had friends in Columbia, SC, and Knoxville, TN. We usually had Mondays and weekends off so we would all travel somewhere during our three-day weekends. One of the best trips we ever took was to Charleston, SC. I would have been in my early 20s during this trip, and we saw so many historical landmarks throughout the area. Whether we traveled into the Smokey Mountains or toward the Carolina coast, I loved experiencing the new places and they left a profound impact on me. Taking trips and vacations are incredibly beneficial to us. We can get worn down from work and our other day-to-day responsibilities, so we need a break from time to time. Often, we’d rather jump on a plane and travel to a beach than pack up the car and take a week to see interesting places in America. As I get closer to retirement, ROAD TRIPPING ACROSS AMERICA SIGHTS TO SEE AND PLACES TO VISIT

I’m more determined to go and see areas of the country that have always interested me.

One of these places is the American Northeast. We were supposed to travel to Cooperstown, New York, back in 2020 for a baseball tournament, and we were going to visit New York City as well. Unfortunately, the pandemic put a stop to that trip. I still plan to take a trip out there and visit New York, Boston, New Hampshire, and Maine. I also wouldn’t be opposed to taking trips to see all of the professional baseball stadiums throughout the country. There are so many interesting places to see; we just have to get out and visit them. For me, driving and experiencing new places is incredibly self-fulfilling. It’s also been great introducing our children to these beautiful places. They’ve definitely visited more locations than my wife or I visited when we were kids. It won’t be long before they have families of their own and plan their own road trips. When that happens, I hope they’ll take me along for the ride with them!

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