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P roperty M anagement By Staci Saeger, NAI Summit

NewYear, NewManagement: Why you should consider a Professional Management Company for your property


esolve tomake your life easier in 2019 – hire a professional property

collecting rents. Turn those headaches over to a profes- sional property management firm with the people, buying power, processes and proce- dures that will reduce the operating costs from your current approach. Contracting with a pro- fessional property manage- ment firm has the following benefits: • Peace of mind • Take advantage of the “buying power” of the prop- erty manager • Widen your list of re- sources and knowledge of

building systems and ven- dors • Improve tenant relations • Utilize the manager’s “best practices in negotiating leases” • Improved knowledge of the marketplace and tenant desires • Professional expertise in the regulatory and com- pliance matters of property management At NAI Summit, we par- ticipate with many national organizations that keep us on the forefront of technology, regulation compliance, and

best practices. This helps keep us stay up to date and our building owners in con- stant compliance, taking the worry and work off of you as well as eliminating your overall risks which in turn is less worry for you. From collecting rents to handling complaints, man- aging tenant improvements and the taunting day to day tasks can be overbearing. Having a professional prop- erty manager relieves you of these tasks, allowing you to focus on the other important areas of your life. Whether

we are ensuring the land- scaping company arrived as scheduled or that the plumbing on third floor was repaired correctly, you can be putting time into another core business line you’re in- volved in. NAI Summit also provides accounting services tailored to the property’s specific needs. We produce owners’ monthly accurate data for easy review and planning purposes. As part of this process, we produce detailed operating budgets so we can gauge the performance of your property. So instead of going through multiple files of paperwork and records, we do the work for you making your yearend and tax season stress-free. Improving your property while cutting costs and not quality is always a top goal of a property owner but how do you do that? Sure you could use a friend you know or a smaller business but those companies cannot al- ways be the most reliable at times. Having a profes- sional PropertyManagement firm allows you to take full advantage of our superior purchasing power from mul- tiple established vendors. For example, NAI Summit procures goods and services for over 5 million square feet of space. Therefore, we demand and achieve pric- ing structures substantially below market rates. Those benefits are then passed on to the clients we serve helping them save money and obtain a higher ROI. If cutting costs, staying compliant, having more time and enjoying peace of mind that your property is fully taken care of is something you’re interested in then you should absolutely call a professional property man- agement firm today. NAI Summit is the re- gion’s premier full-service real estate firm serving the Northeast for over 35 years. We provide 24/7 availability and a proactive management style. Learnmore on naisum- mit.com or contact us today to let us help make your life easier, changing your chal- lenges into successes! Staci Saeger is the di- rector of marketing for NAI Summit. 

manager – reduce head- aches, lower your operat- ing costs. I f y o u r ke y sk i l l s are buying property and ma n a g i n g your assets

Staci Saeger

for maximum return on your investment. Don’t get bogged down with landscaping, snow removal, changing filters and


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New Year, New Management

Let us do the work for you.

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NAI Summit is equipped with over three decades of experience in all things commercial and industrial real estate. Our Property Management division is dedicated to providing the highest level of service 24/7, 365 days a year . Benefit from our comprehensive knowledge and an owner’s mentality approach. Let us turn your challenges into successes.






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