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Real Estate Journal — January 25 - February 7, 2019 — Section C P ennsylvania GREETINGS:


M id A tlantic

N ew J ersey

As we enter a new year, New Jersey is eager to convey one simple message to the Mid-Atlantic Real Estate Journal, and real estate professionals across the county: We are ready for your business.

It is my pleasure to extend my appreciation to the real estate professionals of the Mid-Atlantic Region for their dedication to a more prosperous future for Pennsylvania and our neighbors. The Mid-Atlantic Real Estate Journal plays a criti- cal role in making Pennsylvania an attractive place for businesses to grow and succeed. Through the support of new businesses and well-paying jobs,

We have a “can’t miss” geographic location, un- matched infrastructure, and boundless opportunities for development and redevelopment throughout our cities and towns. We also possess one of the largest commuter rail systems in the county, which presents numerous transit-oriented development opportuni- ties. These factors make us uniquely primed for com- panies looking for a location that is easily accessible, offers a vast pool of premier talent, and a state government that is eager to work with them to create a home in our great state. We are also making every effort to improve the interaction between state government and the private sector and make it easier to run your business. Permitting processes are being updated, more forms are being made available online, and we are at the forefront of implementing the Opportunity Zone tax incentive program. In fact, census tracts in Jersey City and Newark recently ranked near the top of Smart Growth America’s National Opportunity Zones Ranking Report for growth potential based on criteria such as housing diversity, walkability, job density, and proximity to central business districts. These are just a few of the numerous reasons why the Garden State is a can’t-miss location for the real estate industry. In October, we unveiled an entirely new economic plan to put our strategic advantages into clearer focus. I encourage you to see how New Jersey can fit your plans for a pros- perous and successful 2019. My very best, Phil Murphy, Governor Phil Murphy

Tom Wolf

we can rebuild Pennsylvania’s middle class. I am confident that the commercial real estate professionals of our commonwealth share my passion for creating economic growth and allowing our communities to thrive and prosper. I thank you for your contributions to the vitality of the commonwealth as we work to build a stronger Pennsylvania. As Governor, and on behalf of all the citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, I commend our local commercial real estate profession- als for their commitment to the commonwealth. Please accept my best wishes for continued success. Tom Wolf, Governor

D elaware M aryland

V irginia

On behalf of the State of Delaware, I am hon- ored to extend greetings to commercial real estate professionals in the Mid Atlantic region and readers of the Mid Atlantic Real Estate Journal. Your work is an important part of our overall goal to generate economic opportunity in Delaware.

On behalf of the State of Maryland, it is my pleasure to recognize the real estate indus- try and all business profession- als in Maryland and throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Our state is proud to provide a business-friendly environment for all entrepreneurs, from start- ups to to large corporations. Economic development has always been one of our admin- istration’s top priorities, and we

On behalf of the Common- wealth of Virginia, I am pleased to commend the commercial real estate professionals here in Virginia and in our neighboring states of Pennsylvania, Dela- ware Maryland, andWashington D.C. I am always inspired to hear about leaders who use their passion and talents to empower our communities. Since 2003, the Mid Atlantic Real Estate Journal has provided compre-

John Carney

Ralph Northam

Larry Hogan

Delaware is focused on strengthening our inno- vation economy and bringing new businesses and good-paying jobs to our state. Through supporting small businesses and partnering with the private sector, Delaware is making improvements that will shape our economy for years to come. The Delaware Prosperity Partnership, a public-private partnership that is committed to advancing pros- perity in Delaware, works to attract and retain businesses and talent. This strategic partnership focuses on innovative small businesses and large employers alike -- to strengthen our economic cli- mate and bring good jobs to the people of our state. Delaware’s reasonable cost of living, beautiful beaches and tourism industry, and accessibility to major cities in the northeast make it a great place to live, work and raise a family. Thanks for all that you do to support Delaware and our region. Best wishes, John C. Carney, Governor

are proud to have the fastest job growth in the Mid-Atlantic region and the highest median household income in Amer- ica. Maryland is open for business, which means our state has many tools and resources to help businesses thrive. The modernization of Maryland’s transportation system includes the largest proposed public-private partnership (P3) highway program in North America to support our state’s robust economy. We’ve also dedicated significant resources to STEM education with a particular focus on increasing the number of women in computer science and related fields. This past November, we recognized “Hire a Veteran Month,” which encourages Maryland’s businesses to hire our deserving military veterans. Maryland has launched a one-stop business portal for Maryland’s commercial real estate professionals and small businesses to plan, start, manage, and grow their business at businessexpress.maryland.gov. I wish you continued success and look forward to working with you in the future. Sincerely, Larry Hogan, Governor

hensive coverage of the commercial real estate industry for the states of Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and Washington D.C. The real estate information that you provide your readers is essential to building a strong, diversified economy where businesses can grow and thrive. I would also like to commend the Mid Atlantic Real Estate Journal for helping to promote the next generation of busi- ness leaders across the Commonwealth. As a small business owner myself, it is great to see more and more entrepreneurs becoming successful. I know from personal experience how much time, dedication, innovation, and resilience it takes to make a small business succeed. My administration has been working hard every day to make Virginia a more vibrant and welcoming place to live, work, and raise a family. Commercial real estate professionals and the Mid Atlantic Real Estate Journal play a critical role in these efforts. I look forward to working with commercial real estate professionals across the Commonwealth in the years to come. Sincerely, Ralph S. Northam, Governor

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