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A llegheny C ounty , P ennsylvania

Redevelopment Authority of Allegheny County Allegheny County is accepting development proposals for 168-acre Carrie Furnace Redevelopment Site I n 2005, the Redevelop- ment Authority of Al- legheny County (RAAC)

the Department of Interior for the remaining blast furnaces, the Carrie Furnace Hot Metal Bridge, and the adjacently located Pump House (site of the Homestead Steel Strike of 1892). This distinction was achieved in partnership with Rivers of Steel, who currently lease and maintain the 22-acre Carrie Blast Furnaces Num- ber 6 and 7 National Historic Landmark District fromRAAC. As the centerpiece of Rivers of Steel’s efforts to promote Industrial and Heritage Tour- ism, programs, events, and tours at the site attract tens of thousands of people from all

over the world to learn not just about the region’s historical impact, but also its economic and environmental recovery. While the Carrie Blast Fur- naces are certainly the most visually notable characteristics of the tract, RAAC has put significant time and effort into readying the overall site for a development that will benefit not just the surrounding com- munities, but the entire region. The property is undergoing redevelopment and remedia- tion in accordance with the Pennsylvania Land Recycling and Environmental Remedia- tion Standards Act (PA Act 2). Pennsylvania Act 2 Clear- ance has been achieved for 65 acres of the Main Pad, with RAAC continuing activities to receive Act 2 Clearance on all developable northern parcels in 2019 for a total of 75. Situ- ated between the boroughs of Swissvale and Rankin, the communities have fully up- dated their zoning ordinances and designated the site as the ‘Carrie Furnace Development District’, which accommodates light manufacturing and indus- try, as well as small commer- cial establishments, in order to encourage job growth and creation. The majority of the site has been raised above the 100-year flood plain, sanitary and storm water lines have been installed and connections to utilities have been relocated on or adjacent to the site. In 2012 RAAC, in partnership with Federal Highway Ad- ministration, PennDOT, and Allegheny County Department of Public Works, received a $10 million TIGER Grant for the construction of a flyover bridge connecting the site directly to local roadways and trucking routes. RAAC and Allegheny County are excited to receive develop- ment proposals for this unique site, one that bears witness to the industrial heritage of the region and is poised to play a significant role in the economic development of Southwestern PA. We invite you to visit the website and join us for a tour of the property to see first-hand the development potential of these 168 acres. The Redevelopment Au- thority of Allegheny County assists with the genera- tion, stimulation and man- agement of economic and community growth within Allegheny County. 

purchased the 168-acre Carrie Furnace Redevelopment Site, a former iron-ore production facility once integral to steel production in the Pittsburgh Region. When the facility was shuttered and eventually sold to the Park Corporation to be dismantled, the Redevelop- ment Authority, along with the communities in and surround- ing the site – The Boroughs of Rankin, Swissvale, Whitaker, Munhall – recognized the im- portance of remediating the property and turning it into a

168-acre Carrie Furnace Redevelopment Site

development that could honor the industrial heritage of the region, and once again feature prominently in the economy of

Southwestern Pennsylvania. In 2006, a portion of the site received National Historic Landmark Designation from

Carrie Furnace Redevelopment Site Rankin/Swissvale


For info, visit carriefurnacesite.com

Site visits oN: Jan. 24 / Feb. 21 / March 21 RSVP AT: C ARRIE F URNACE RAAC@A LLEGHENY C OUNTY . US

a unique riverfront development opportunity

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