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n the multifamily in- dustry, amenities have been on the forefront Multifamily Design Beyond The Finish Line: The amenities race is over, so what’s next? How applying contextual design to interior & exterior spaces is ushering in the next phase of multifamily design I

about finding the balance between designing for both the developer and the renter, but by elevating multifamily properties beyond ameni- ties offerings and infusing elements of contextualism to innovate multifamily design and communal living. Specifically, Bernardon’s latest multifamily projects consist of three unique prop- erties in the surrounding region of greater Philadel- phia, Pennsylvania. AVE King of Prussia and Park Square are both located in the buzzing corporate hub

of King of Prussia, PA and West End Flats is located in the popular Philadelphia suburb of Media, PA. While these three projects are all similar in nature, they’re also very different in the way their design is custom- ized for potential residents. By taking into consideration elements like demographic, surrounding environment, and generation, Bernardon has created three equally unique properties anchored by a strong sense of ho spit- ality and amenity-driven design.

Designing for demograph- ics, geographic location, and generation will continue to spearhead multifamily design, but what’s leading the innovation of this design is applying contextualism beyond designing for spatial program requirements and transitioning to designing for the person. It’s no longer simply about the apartment unit, but what else is avail- able in the entire residential building. This includes the “what”, the “where”, and in this case, the “who.” At Ber- nardon, it has always been

about designing for the resi- dent, and now as the mul- tifamily industry continues to evolve, we look forward to continuing to apply this principle to residential com- plexes within the markets in which we serve. Michael S. McCloskey, AIA, LEED AP BD+C is a principal of Bernardon and a registered archi- tect and urban designer specializing in multi-unit housing, mixed use, and civic/cultural design. He’s based in Philadelphia, PA. 

of design as the preemi- nent feature to transform the apart - ment from traditional temporary housing to luxury living

Michael McCloskey

complexes. These luxury communities are proving to be both desirable destina- tions for renters and profit- able projects for developers; and so, with reports that the multifamily market is projected to continue to grow into 2019, it begs the ques- tion: what’s next? With amenities having made their mark on the de- sign, appeal, and usability of multifamily communities, the designers at Bernardon are no longer thinking about what amenities can still be added, but instead, how they can be improved. And, per- haps it’s not so much what additional rooms, services, or activities can be added, but it’s what’s already there that is the key to the future of multifamily design: the space and its relationship to its location and the end-user. The notion of a project’s context as the next wave of innovation within the multi- family industry is influenced by the ability of space to be both customized and to be the catalyst for customiza- tion; it all comes down to the experience for the resi- dent. This includes interior spaces, the surrounding en- vironment in which the unit will reside, and how spaces for different generations will affect the design of the property. These are elements that Bernardon consciously considers in designing our latest multifamily projects and will expand upon into future projects as the multi- family market evolves. Highly tailored design is no longer reserved for single- family residences as those in the multifamily market are applying contextual de- sign to multifamily residen- tial projects and cultivating “purpose-built” spaces. At Bernardon, it’s not only


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AVE King of Prussia

West End Flats

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