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Happy May! There are lots of holidays this May. As you prepare for the long weekend, be mindful that summer is near. To have a relaxing summer, make sure you have all your affairs in order. Planning your vacation isn’t enough; your health and financial powers of attorneys are an absolute must. Of course, your trust and will must be in place as well. As an estate planning attorney, I have seen unfortunate situations this quarter where people did not have their affairs in order and had not planned for the unthinkable. Don’t let your family or your clients go through painful life situations. Our educational workshops are fast and easy ways to educate you, your family, or your clients! Are you interested in learning how to protect your family and loved ones? Visit to see a schedule of all upcoming free workshops. Happy Mother’s Day to the loving and caring moms of the world — even moms of our furry friends! Until next time, Many Blessings, FROM THE DESK OF DeDe Soto

T he H istory B ehind the C elebrations

Mother’s Day and Memorial Day are perhaps the most widely observed holidays this month. Cinco de Mayo celebrations are less common and often confined to bars and restaurants, which entice customers with specials on margaritas and Mexican cuisine that day. But Cinco de Mayo is much more than an excuse to have a few drinks — it’s a holiday steeped in culture, tradition, and national pride. When we celebrate Cinco de Mayo, we celebrate the spirit and heritage of Mexico. Many people believe that Cinco de Mayo is celebrated in honor of Mexican Independence Day, but that isn’t the case. Mexico declared its independence on Sept. 16, 1810, 50 years before the event that lead to the celebration of Cinco de Mayo — the Battle of Puebla. In 1861, Benito Juárez, the president of Mexico at the time, declared that the country was far too poor to pay its debts to France, Spain, and England. While Spain and England reached an agreement with the country, France invaded to claim Mexico as a territory. French troops fanned out across the country, claiming city after city, until May 5, 1862, when they reached the small town of Puebla. As the troops advanced toward the town, they were met by a group of Mexican soldiers. The fight lasted nearly three hours, and despite the odds being 2-1 against them, the small Mexican army won the battle. France lost nearly 500 troops, while Mexico lost less than 100. THE MYTH BEHIND THE HOLIDAY

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