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September 2018

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Into the Fall

Hey there! How was your summer? It’s been a hot one for us, and we’re looking forward to cooler temperatures! Although that probably won’t happen in September, we can always hope, right? It’s been nice to have the opportunity to spend more time with the family, getting outdoors, and enjoying those summertime activities. Summer was great for the family, especially the kids, enjoying their time away from school. Some kids were happy to be going back to school, but others — not so much. But all of them will go back to learning this season from our wonderful teachers. To all our educators,

thank you for what you do — yours is one of the most important professions.

for the high school athletes once again. We always look forward to being part of the camaraderie and sportsmanship that these athletes display. As always, we look forward to a year with few injuries. We’re also looking forward to cheering on our favorite college and pro teams. Whether it’s the LSU Tigers, Louisiana College, Northwestern, Louisiana Lafayette, or one of our other teams, the sport is so fun to watch. Many of our employees also support their favorite NFL teams by getting together to watch a game or making the trek to New Orleans, Dallas, or Houston to catch one live. And who doesn’t like Drew Brees, right? We support all our teams wholeheartedly. Despite a brutal schedule, we hope LSU has a great year. GEAUX TIGERS! Well, we’ve got to get back to work, but we look forward to seeing you soon at ELITE or during one of our local games. Here’s to a great season! –Bart Jones & Don Cassano

At ELITE, we were fortunate to have had a busy summer working with amazing patients. We’ve seen a lot of people making great strides in physical therapy, and it’s truly an inspiration to see the progress our patients have made. Don’t worry — it wasn’t all work around here over the summer. ELITE employees also got to enjoy some fun family vacations. From locations like Disney World and Arkansas lakes to Florida and Alabama beaches and a few relaxing “staycations,” we all made sure to enjoy some downtime. It was so great to share our travels with one another.

Some time off also helped gear us up for what promises to be a busy fall, with the other exciting part of the season starting soon — football! High school, college, and pro football are important

to many of us here in Louisiana. This is one of our favorite times of year.

We’ll be on the sidelines, cheering on the teams and volunteering

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Did Your Workout Routine Take a Summer Vacation? With barbecues, trips to the pool, and indulging in refreshing beverages on the patio, summer is full of relaxation and fun. But those heart- pumping, muscle-building trips to the gym may have become less frequent during the warmer months. If your workout routine went on its own summer vacation, here are three strategies to get back to it. over the summer, join a hiking group in your community. If you prefer being on a team, look for a local adult league for your favorite sport. 3. MAKE YOUR WORKOUT AN UNAVOIDABLE PART OF YOUR DAY . It’s tempting to join your coworkers for happy hour, especially when that outdoor patio is just around the block from your office. But what if it were that easy to get to the gym? Look for facilities that are on your commute, near your work, or close to home. If it’s easy to get to, you’ll be more likely to go and still have time for that drink afterward.

2. SET YOURSELF UP FOR SUCCESS. You would go to that 5:30 p.m. boot camp class, but it’s right in the middle of your daughter’s dance practice. Getting to the gym is half the battle, so make it easier on yourself by preparing in advance. Find a facility with a schedule that easily fits yours. If you’re planning to work out in the morning, set your clothes out the night before, and choose an energetic song for your alarm. If there’s a class after work, consider leaving an extra set of gym clothes at your office so you’ll never have an excuse not to go.

1. FIND SOMETHING YOU LIKE TO DO. Maybe part of the reason your fitness routine took a break was because you didn’t enjoy doing it. If that’s the case, re-evaluate your options. There is no superior form of exercise, and there are plenty of options to align with your preferences. If you couldn’t get enough of hiking in national parks

It may take time to make your workout routine a seamless part of your life, but implementing some of these strategies will make it easier and more enjoyable. You might even find yourself looking forward to back-to-the-gym season!

Client Testimonial “On June 4, I enrolled at Elite Physical Therapy. At the time, I could hardly

function. Getting up and down, I would need help. Elite has worked with me for eight weeks now. Since going through their program, I can now get up and down without assistance. I can do my yard work and the normal things I couldn’t do around the house. I am 86 years old, and I know I am limited due to my age, but after their program, I feel like it has knocked several years off of my age. I recommend young or old with physical problems to get started on their own program with Elite. “ –- Derry Hood

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Keep It Light Using a Backpack Safely With the school season upon us, our kids are showing off their new duds, including backpacks. While backpacks are an efficient and easy way for kids to transport books and supplies to and from school, they may also be weighing them down. In a study conducted by PT Shelley Goodgold, 55 percent of children carried loads that were more than 15 percent of their body weight — the maximum recommended by most experts. When backpacks are too heavy or don’t fit properly, they can cause back pain, shoulder pain, and poor posture, especially in youth with growing muscles and joints. How can you make sure a backpack isn’t causing your child pain? Ask them how their backpack feels, and check to see that it doesn’t leave behind any red marks. The American Physical Therapy Association has compiled some additional recommendations to make sure your student is sporting that new pack safely. WHAT’S THE WEIGHT? To see if your child’s backpack is in line with experts’ recommendation of weighing no more

than 15 percent of a child’s body weight, use an at-home scale to weigh their pack with all their school supplies inside. If the backpack goes above the 15 percent rule, reconsider what’s inside. There’s no need for kids to carry their entire life in it. Nonessential items can be left at home, and a locker or cubby can provide safekeeping for books and supplies at school. Give backpacks a “detox” at the end of each week by cleaning them out to prevent the buildup of items. FIND THE RIGHT SIZE. Backpacks shouldn’t be too wide or hang more than four inches below the waist. Look for adjustable backpacks that are made to properly fit your child. Ergonomic designs can also make for a more comfortable fit. Physical therapists

recommend hip straps, as they take some of the weight off the shoulders and back, and using both shoulder straps keeps weight distributed more evenly. CONSIDER ACCESSORIES. Certain accessories, like reflective patches, increase visibility. Padding along the shoulder straps and back is also helpful for comfort. Other accessories, like wheels, can do more harm than good — while they take the weight off the back, they can create a tripping hazard in crowded school corridors and bus lines. If you have questions related to back and shoulder health, reach out to Elite PT. Our physical therapists are here to help the whole family live every day pain-free!

Have a Laugh!

Beans and Greens Rigatoni


Salt, for pasta water and to taste 2 ounces fresh grated Parmigiano-Reggiano (optional)

2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil 1/2 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes

12 ounces rigatoni pasta

1 bunch Tuscan kale, rinsed

1 15-ounce can cannellini (white kidney) beans

Juice of 1 lemon

Directions 1. In a large stock pot, boil 6 quarts of liberally salted water. On another burner, heat a large skillet to medium-low. 2. Add pasta to boiling water and cook for 3 minutes less than the package recommends. 3. While pasta is cooking, add beans, red

4. Add cooked pasta, kale, and 1 cup pasta water to skillet. Toss vigorously as kale cooks, about 4 minutes. 5. Transfer to bowls, top with a squeeze of lemon, sprinkle with cheese or salt, and serve.

pepper, and 2 tablespoons of oil to the skillet. Cook until lightly browned, about 5 minutes.

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Inspired by Bon Appétit Magazine

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• 3 Tips to Help Organize Your Crazy Life

Need a Personal Assistant to Manage Your Kids’ Crazy Schedules? Try These 3 Tips Instead

School has started. Youth sports are in full swing. Work is crazy. Food has become more about necessity than enjoyment. All of this can only mean one thing: Fall has begun. The crazy schedules this time of year can make it tough for parents to keep their heads on straight; making it through the insanity sometimes feels more like survival than life. But there are tactics you can employ to turn the tide and find more time for yourself. TAG TEAM There’s no reason to try to do everything on your own. The phrase “It takes a village to raise a child” exists because managing the stressors of life requires help. A great place to start is by establishing car pools with a parent group you

trust. You can alternate drivers weekly, which provides the opportunity for you to focus your attention on other priorities — or if you’re lucky, have some freedom. THE RIGHT TOOL FOR THE JOB Technology makes organization easier and more accessible than ever. By using a tool like a shared calendar, you can coordinate the entire family’s schedule so you never miss a beat. And apps like Mealime and MealBoard give you the ability to whip up food that is cost-effective and delicious. TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK While you’re busy trying to rally the troops at soccer practice, the scene at home resembles a horror movie. Laundry is piling

up, food is spoiling in the fridge, and the dust bunnies around the house now have names. Housecleaning is a part-time job in its own right. The only way to stay on top of duties around the house is to work together. A chore chart with clear responsibilities is a great place to start. Whether you have one child or eight, everyone is capable of pitching in. You can have all the organizational abilities in the world, but the best way to manage life’s madness isn’t by directing day-to-day tasks; it’s by managing stress. Instead of using these tools to control life, look at them as a way to free up time so you can decompress and enjoy the things you love.

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