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Why You Should Transition to an Electric Stove

Switch to an Electric Stove A BETTER WAY TO COOK

for people who have respiratory issues. According to a report by the Rocky Mountain Institute, homes with gas stoves can contain approximately 50%–400% higher concentrations of nitrogen dioxide than those with electric stoves. Making the switch will lead to cleaner air in the home and healthier respiratory systems. Lower Air Conditioning Costs Interestingly enough, using an electric stove can actually lead to lower electricity bills because you may use your air conditioning less. Gas stoves pump out considerable amounts of heat and can quickly raise the temperature in the home. That means you won’t have to run to the air conditioner as often when you’re using an electric stove. Safer Cooking Method With an electric range, there’s no flame or burner to cook your food on. This means there’s a much lower chance of getting a burn injury while using an electric stove. Additionally, the National Fire Prevention Association estimates that an average of 4,200 home fires start annually with the ignition of natural gas — cooking equipment was involved in 54% of those fires. With an electric stove, you needn’t worry about gas explosions, and you will considerably reduce the risk of having a fire in your home.

Over the last 20 years, we have seen rapid advances in technology. While the most recognizable innovations came in the form of cellphones and the internet, many of our household appliances have also evolved in the last couple of decades. One of the biggest changes involves a discussion about the ubiquitous kitchen stove: Which type is better — electric or gas? We’d like to suggest an answer. Much like our cellphones, stoves and ranges have seen huge advancements, and electric stoves are better than ever before. They are easier to clean, cost less than gas stoves and heat food more efficiently.

4 OctoberKitchen.com monoxide. Brief exposures to nitrogen dioxide can lead to coughing and wheezing Additionally, there are some impressive environmental and health benefits that come from transitioning to using an electric range stove. Improved Indoor Air Quality When you cook on a gas stove, you’re producing nitrogen dioxide and sometimes even carbon

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