2022 Corporate Report

Corporate Report for the year ended 30 June 2022

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Governance and risk

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Security holder information

Changes to remuneration framework During FY21, the Remuneration, People and Culture Committee undertook a detailed review of Transurban’s remuneration framework. Following the 2021 AGM, a further review was undertaken in response to concerns raised by security holders. The table below provides a summary of changes both already made and also being proposed to the remuneration framework.

Remuneration Component Remuneration Benchmarking





Peer Group

ASX 10 to 30

ASX 1 to 30

No further change

Short Term Incentive

Pool Funding

50% Group and 50% Individual performance Formula: (Individual STI outcome % + [Individual STI outcome % x Group performance %]) ÷ 2 • Proportional EBITDA (20%) • Proportional Net Costs (20%) • HSE (10%) • Individual Performance (50%)

100% Group performance

No further change

Changes to strengthen the alignment of Group results with individual outcomes Performance measures to determine STI pool outcome

Formula: (Individual STI outcome % x Group performance %)

No further change

• Proportional EBITDA (40%) • Proportional Net Costs (40%) • Health, Safety and Environment (20%)

Introduction of a Group Performance Scorecard 1 to

determine Group performance for the STI pool with the following categories: • Financials (55%) – Proportional EBITDA (40%) – Proportional Net Costs (15%) • HSE (15%) • Customer and Delivery (15%) • Sustainability, Reputation and Leadership (15%) The result from the Group Performance Scorecard will impact 100% of the STI Pool and therefore individual outcomes for Executive KMP. Incorporation of these measures into a Group Performance Scorecard to determine Group performance

Non-financial measures provide the Board with further context in assessing Group performance


Introduction of additional non- financial measures in the areas of Customer, Leadership and Environmental Sustainability; to be used as a discretionary moderator to adjust the STI pool down if Transurban does not meet expectations in these areas

Long Term Incentive

Performance period Three-year performance period

Introduction of a four-year performance period, with

Four-year performance period

transitional arrangement for the FY22 award with 50% subject to a three-year performance period and 50% subject to a four-year performance period

1 Detail to be provided in the FY23 Remuneration Report


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