2022 Corporate Report

Corporate Report for the year ended 30 June 2022

Introduction and overview

Business performance

Governance and risk

Directors’ report

Remuneration report

Financial statements

Sustainability supplement

Security holder information

Statutory tables

Dealing in securities In accordance with the Group’s Dealing in Securities Policy, Directors, members of the Executive Committee and their related parties must not enter into hedging arrangements in relation to Transurban stapled securities. In addition, employees who have equity awards under the Group equity plan must not hedge against those equity awards. Directors and employees are also prohibited from entering into margin lending arrangements using Transurban stapled securities as security. Securities held by Executive KMP as at 30 June 2022 Balance at start of year Changes during year Balance at end of year 1,2 Current Executive KMP S Charlton 350,000 282,104 632,104 H Byrne 34,802 34,848 69,650 M Huey 193,332 72,090 265,422 M Jablko – 67,169 67,169 S Johnson 122,816 (16,303) 106,513 S Moorfield – 5,100 5,100 H Wehby – 8,685 8,685

The relevant values of the grants are as follows: Fair Value of

Face Value 5 of awards at allocation date

awards at grant date

Security price at grant date

Relative TSR 3

FCF per security 4

Tranche Grant date

Tranche 1 4 Oct 2021


NA $14.27


Tranche 2 4 Oct 2021


NA $14.27


Tranche 1 28 Oct 2021 $5.51

NA $13.68


Tranche 2 28 Oct 2021 $5.89

NA $13.68


3 F air value in accordance with AASB 2 – share-based payments treatment of market conditions. 4 The FY22 LTI grant has just the one TSR performance measure. 5 S ecurity price as at 1 July 2021 (allocation date) discounted for distributions and dividends forgone throughout the two performance periods. The following table shows the number of LTI awards granted to Executive KMP during FY22: Number of performance awards granted 7 Maximum (fair value) value 8 of grant ($) Maximum (face value) value 9 of grant ($)

Current Executive KMP S Charlton 6




1 Balance at the date of this Report is the same as the balance at the end of FY22 2 As at 30 June 2022, all of Scott Charlton’s securities were held nominally

H Byrne




M Huey




LTI performance awards granted in FY22 Eligible Executive KMP received LTI performance awards with a grant date of 4 October 2021, except for the CEO with a grant date of 28 October 2021. The FY22 LTI Plan consists of two tranches of LTI awards as the Group transitioned from a three-year performance period to a four-year performance period. Awards granted in Tranche 1 (50% of the LTI award) may vest subject to achieving the TSR vesting schedule over the performance period from 1 July 2021 through to 30 June 2024 and awards granted in tranche 2 (50% of the LTI award) may vest subject to achieving the TSR vesting schedule over the performance period from 1 July 2021 through to 30 June 2025.

M Jablko




S Johnson




S Moorfield




H Wehby




6 S cott Charlton was granted 257,671 performance awards as part of his 2022 remuneration package as approved at the 2021 Annual General Meeting, under ASX Listing Rule 10.14 7 T he minimum value of the grant, if the applicable performance measures are not met, is zero 8 M aximum value of the grant has been calculated based on a fair value approach as at the grant date. The fair value considers the probability that the Executive KMP may not derive value from the LTI award, along with other factors, including difficulty of achieving performance hurdles and anticipated security price volatility 9 M aximum value of the grant based on security price at grant date The maximum LTI opportunity for each Executive KMP is the face value of the award (i.e. the value the Executive KMP would receive if all of their performance awards vested, based on Transurban’s security price at the time the award was granted)


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