2022 Corporate Report

Corporate Report for the year ended 30 June 2022

Introduction and overview

Business performance

Governance and risk

Directors’ report

Remuneration report

Financial statements

Sustainability supplement

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Working with our stakeholders



Our people

• Ongoing customer listening program; customer research panel; qualitative and quantitative research. • Customer channels: app; website; phone; social media; retail outlets. • Digital, print and outdoor advertising; phone and SMS; newsletters; social media.

• Surveys: community, business partner and supplier; corporate trust and mobility trends. • Events; community liaison groups; information sessions; site tours. • Digital, print and outdoor advertising; newsletters; social media; letter drops, door knocking; phone and SMS; media coverage. • Partnerships; grant programs; school and grassroots activities. • Processes and governance: transparency in project design, decisions and delivery; and project operations benefits and impacts; listening to, and responding to, stakeholders including post- construction. • Road works and construction: notification of disruption; planning of works and minimising impacts of construction on residents and the environment. • Environmental and social performance: GHG emissions and air quality; supporting vulnerable communities and people; family violence support; driver safety and education. • Processes and governance: developed a Social Licence Framework to maximise impact and stakeholder benefit; enhanced sharing of road safety research, education and outcomes; engaged communities on project developments and current works’ impacts. • Road works and construction: engaged communities on project development and works’ impacts; adhered to robust guidelines and regulations for environmental management. • Environmental and social performance: provided additional community grants to ease pandemic (NSW, VIC, NA) and flood (QLD) impacts; continued partnerships (including NeuRA, Kidsafe, The Smith Family, The Salvation Army, Northern Virginia Family Services, 9/11 Pentagon Memorial Fund, and La fondation les petits trésors); expanded public art/education programs (Canal to Creek, CityLink Kids, West Gate Kids); hosted open days, events and competitions.

• All-employee listening program and pulse-check surveys. • All-employee meetings (virtual, in-person, hybrid). • Internal communication channels: intranet; instant message; email; signage. • Quarterly/annual awards and recognition programs. • People leader forums. • Belonging and wellbeing events. • Health, safety, and wellbeing: diversity, inclusion and respect in the workplace. • Career paths: skills and capability development; ongoing career opportunities. • Workforce engagement: key talent retention and attraction; flexible working access; connection and collaboration.

• Value of toll road travel: on-road experiences (such as signage, congestion); road incident alerts; fees and charges. • Interacting with us: interaction convenience and ease; cybersecurity, data protection and privacy; infringement processes. • Rewards and support: enhanced rewards program; competitions; support for vulnerable customers.

• Value of toll road travel: education on avoiding fees and charges; new tools to inform travel decisions and improve value certainty; added roads to our GoToll app. • Interacting with us: delivered improved digital platform experiences and functionality; used data and analytics to identify pain points; continued focus on cybersecurity capability. • Rewards and support: expanded Linkt Customer Rewards program; customer competitions; expanded Linkt Assist program; supported customers experiencing hardship via new partnership program.

• Health, safety, and wellbeing: mandatory Health, Safety and Environment Action Plans for all teams; delivered Belonging and Wellbeing program with mental wellbeing focus; ran Respect at Work program, including mandatory sexual harassment prevention learning module. • Career paths: provided on-demand access to 7,000+ online learning programs; maintained career resource hub and activity program. • Workforce engagement: supported flexible working, including via collaborative technologies; conducted annual pay reviews to maintain pay equity gap of less than 1% and to account for Australian superannuation guarantee increases; refreshed parental leave policy.


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