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As one of the world’s largest toll road developers and operators, our business is to get people where they want to go as quickly and safely as possible. About Transurban

21 assets in operation

9.7M customers globally

7 major infrastructure projects in development

9,000+ total workforce 3

2M trips daily across our roads

1996 listed on the ASX

wider transport networks. And our efforts are paying off: external research has found our roads are twice as safe as like roads. 1 Our purpose is to strengthen communities through transport and we aim to achieve this in many different ways. From our 24/7 traffic control room operators to the transport planners who forecast where congestion hot spots could be in a decade’s time, we are focused on making travel easier now and in the future. As a leading global toll road owner and operator, listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), Transurban represents one of the most significant infrastructure investment opportunities available to investors. We have more than 3,600 people 2 working across Australia and North America, as well as more than 5,000 subcontractors through the delivery of major projects. We foster an engaged and diverse workforce that prides itself on making a significant and lasting contribution to the cities and communities in which we operate. We also continuously challenge ourselves in how we respond to social and environmental issues—and we invest in

For us, this is about much more than laying asphalt and building tunnels. By understanding what matters to our stakeholders, we create road transport solutions that make us a partner of choice. Transurban’s roads connect key industry, freight, employment and community centres and keep cities moving safely and efficiently. Since opening CityLink in Melbourne in 1999, our company has grown to include 21 toll roads in Australia, the United States and Canada, with more on the way. We have 6 million customers in Australia and 3.7 million customers in North America. During the past two decades we have established a strong track record of partnering with governments to successfully deliver and manage key road infrastructure. We have seven major infrastructure projects in development or delivery in Australia and North America. These projects are designed to solve critical congestion issues and improve city connectivity, community liveability and economic growth. We have also built a reputation for bringing innovative solutions to our operations, using technology to improve safety and increase the efficiency of our own roads and cities’

both to create social inclusion and manage our environmental impacts. Our Social Licence Framework helps us identify the initiatives, investments and partnerships that will have the greatest social, economic and environmental benefits for the regions we

operate in (read more on page 43). Success for us means achieving our purpose and creating value for all our stakeholders.

1 M onash University Accident Research Centre (MUARC), 2021 2 D irect workforce includes direct employees (which include casual, fixed term and permanent employees (excluding leave of absence and non-executive directors)) and temporary workers and workers contracted through our partner organisations 3 Total workforce includes direct workforce and sub- contractors working on major infrastructure projects 4 N o assurance can be given that these potential opportunities will eventuate on the timetable outlined or at all, or that Transurban will be able to participate in them. Transurban’s ability to participate in any future projects or acquisitions will be subject to, among other things, applicable government processes and the receipt of relevant regulatory approvals 5 On a calendar year basis 6 R ozelle Interchange is being delivered and funded by Transport for NSW 7 Transurban is not a sponsor of the Olympic Games, any Olympic Committees or teams

Figure 5: Opportunity and delivery pipeline

Next 5 years 5+ years

Region Projects in delivery and potential opportunities 4

Expected delivery 5


WestConnex M4–M5 Link Rozelle Interchange 6

2023 2024

M7–M12 integration and delivery

Early development

Western Harbour Tunnel and Sydney Harbour Tunnel potential monetisation

l l l

M6 potential monetisation

Beaches Link potential monetisation


West Gate Tunnel Project


North East Link potential monetisation



Gateway Motorway widening Logan Motorway widening

l l

Broader road enhancements including in relation to Brisbane 2032 7


North America

Fredericksburg Extension 495 Northern Extension

2023 2025

Maryland Express Lanes—Phase 1

Early development

l l l l

Capital Beltway Accord

Express Lanes enhancements and/or extensions

Future traditional toll road and Express Lanes acquisition opportunities

l l

Maryland Express Lanes Project future phases

Future opportunities in Quebec



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