2022 Corporate Report

Corporate Report for the year ended 30 June 2022

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Business performance

Governance and risk

Directors’ report

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Section B: Notes to the Group financial statements for the year ended 30 June 2022

Section B: Notes to the Group financial statements for the year ended 30 June 2022

B27 Deed of cross and intra-group guarantees Deed of cross guarantee

Transurban Holdings Limited, Transurban Limited, Tollaust Pty Limited, Roam Tolling Pty Limited, Sydney Roads Limited, Sydney Roads Management Limited, Statewide Roads Limited, M4 Holdings No. 1 Pty Limited, M5 Holdings Pty Limited, Devome Pty Limited, Transurban Funding Pty Limited, Transurban STP AHT Pty Limited, Transurban STP AT Pty Limited, Transurban STP Project Hold Co Pty Limited, Transurban STP Project Co Pty Limited, Transurban Sun Holdings Pty Ltd and Transurban Operations Pty Ltd are party to a deed of cross guarantee under which each company guarantees the debts of the others. By entering into the deed, the wholly-owned entities have been relieved from the requirement to prepare a financial report and Directors’ report under Instrument 2016/785 issued by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. The companies represent a 'closed group' for the purposes of the Instrument, and as there are no other parties to the deed of cross guarantee that

are controlled by THL, they also represent the 'extended closed group’. Set out below is the summary financial information of the closed group.





Summarised statement of comprehensive income Revenue



(413) (112) (390) (475)

(341) (144) (304) (327)

Operating costs

Depreciation and amortisation expense

Net finance costs

Loss before income tax



Income tax benefit Loss for the year

(294) (294)

(194) (194)

Total comprehensive loss for the year

181 181

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