2022 Corporate Report

Corporate Report for the year ended 30 June 2022

Introduction and overview

Business performance

Governance and risk

Directors’ report

Remuneration report

Financial statements

Sustainability supplement

Security holder information

Our year in numbers How we created value for our stakeholders

3 . 78 road injury crash index— below target of 4.25 or less

paid in distributions to security holders $ 1.2 B

$ 4M 2 ND 3 . 09 7 towards social investment programs More than contractor recordable injury frequency rate— below target of 4.20 or less

highest-rated motorway infrastructure company— Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark for Infrastructure (2021)

major infrastructure projects in development or delivery

40 : 40 : 20 progressed gender balance across our workforce, in line with our target—40% men, 40% women, 20% any gender/non-binary


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