2022 Corporate Report

Corporate Report for the year ended 30 June 2022

Introduction and overview

Business performance

Governance and risk

Directors’ report

Remuneration report

Financial statements

Sustainability supplement

Security holder information

Our strategy in action

The value we create for our stakeholders

Customers The millions of people and businesses that use our roads. More productive and liveable cities through: • safer roads enabling efficient journeys • faster and more reliable travel times • choice, convenience, transparency and value for customers in the routes they take and the ways they interact with us.

Government and industry The government partners, and the transport and business community we are active in. Innovative and efficient transport infrastructure to cater for growing urban populations through: • capital input freeing up government balance sheets • potential to fast-track project delivery and provide economic, social and other benefits earlier • private sector expertise in innovative design, construction and operations • capturing data and sharing insights. Business partners and suppliers The organisations providing goods and services we rely on to deliver for our customers. Better community and environmental outcomes through influence in our extensive supply chain through: • l ong-term relationships with lasting economic benefits in employment, goods and services procurement • shared systems that contribute to better oversight and risk management • opportunities for innovation and enhanced sustainability performance. Investors The institutional, superannuation, retail and debt investors that provide us with the capital to deliver long-term, responsible growth. Sustainable investment proposition through: • balanced distribution growth and long-term value creation • disciplined approach to future opportunities • leading ESG performance.

Communities The communities in which we operate.

Better connected and more sustainable communities through:

• safe, effective roads that support private transport • improved productivity and easier access to goods and services through transport connections • reduced through-traffic in local neighbourhoods • job creation through construction projects

and flow-on employment opportunities • improved amenities and partnerships informed by community engagement.

Our people Our workforce and subcontractors supporting our projects and operations. Highly capable workforce through: • focus on safety, employee wellbeing and diversity • job creation and skills development • talent development.


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