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—Case study— The future is now: preventing crashes before they happen Technology and accurate and real- time data mean we can constantly explore ways to improve safety on our roads by proactively identifying trends and patterns. Working with a road intelligence company, we can access data sourced directly—and anonymously—from connected vehicles’ GPS systems. This allows us to see where drivers have reacted in unusual ways, such as suddenly braking or swerving. In Melbourne, data showed an issue with last-minute merging near the final CityLink exit before the Domain Tunnel. After line marking and directional signage were improved, rear-end crashes on the approach to the Domain Tunnel dropped by 75%, and lane side-swipes reduced by 66%, between August 2021 and April 2022 compared to the previous nine months. The new marking and signage are giving drivers clearer and more advanced warning of the exit before the tunnel. No serious or minor injuries have been recorded since the measures were installed. In Sydney, we used in-car data to track swerving and sudden braking on the notoriously congested Pennant Hills Road (that provides an alternative route to the nearby NorthConnex tunnel). Data shows a 50% reduction in near misses on Pennant Hills Road in the 12 months since the tunnel opened, verifying that safety benefits are flowing to the wider road network following the opening of NorthConnex. We’re also using this technology to assess off-ramp safety performance in Sydney and variable message signage efficacy in addressing merging risks on our Brisbane roads.

More than 78% of fatal crashes involving a truck and a car, the car was the at-fault party. 1 In partnership with the Queensland Trucking Association, we have worked to raise awareness of truck blind spots

• Seating posture injury risks for young and older adults and children: preparing for autonomous vehicles, where vehicle occupants may adopt non-standard seating positions to help us understand future safety system requirements. • Optimising safety for rear-seat occupants of all ages: exploring rear- door properties and risks; rear-seat video screen risks; and seat-size variations and optimisations to understand and improve rear-seat passenger safety. To help raise awareness and reduce crash risks for children, in FY22, we ran: • Car Seat Blitz (Australia) in partnership with Kidsafe, supporting free child car seat checks across our markets. Read more on page 44.

In the US, our dynamically tolled 95 and 395 Express Lanes have horizontal and vertical gates, used to open or close entry points, depending on what direction traffic is flowing. We have launched a pilot to evaluate alternate flagging systems on the gates, to influence safer driver behaviour and reduce gate strikes. Early results have shown a reduction in strikes and we have plans to expand the pilot.

 Read more about our safety approach with our people page 49 and our contractors page 64 .

Road safety research


Research helps us understand complex safety issues and enables us to test technology and other solutions under controlled conditions to ensure they will be effective. We continued our partnership with Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA), with research conducted at the Transurban Road Safety Centre in Sydney. NeuRA scientists use a crash sled capable of reaching speeds up to 64 kilometres per hour to understand road safety injury risks. FY22 NeuRA research has included: • Motorcycle fuel tank trials: measuring motorcyclist pelvic injuries to understand how fuel tank and rider positioning contribute to these injuries.

• Driving Willpower (US) campaign, targeting child car safety, including the correct fitting of child car seats.


UN SDGs relevant to this section

Read more on our Insights Hub , insights.transurban.com

1 N TI NTARC Major Accident Investigation Report, 2021


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