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Corporate Report for the year ended 30 June 2022

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community interactions More than 12 , 000

See how our strategy creates value for our communities (pages 20 to 21 )

$ 4M average GHG emission savings for customers using our roads 1 27 % towards social investment programs More than


To achieve our purpose, we must listen to and learn from our neighbours—people living and working near our roads or projects, and the communities our roads help to connect— and respond to them in meaningful ways.

Strengthening communities is also one of the three focus areas of our revised Social Licence Framework (page 43) that helps us identify the initiatives, investments and partnerships that will have the greatest social, economic and environmental benefits for local communities and our customers. In FY22, our communities continued to experience the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic compounded by, in Queensland and NSW, extreme weather events including floods. Alongside our annual community grants program, this year we supported flood-affected communities in Brisbane and those most affected by pandemic-related restrictions in Melbourne and Sydney. In the Greater Washington Area, we expanded our grant programs to support those along our new construction corridors and raised funds to support existing partnerships with Northern Virginia Family Services and the 9/11 Pentagon Memorial Fund. Between August 2021 and March 2022, we conducted a major listening project, asking community members and other key stakeholder groups for their views on Transurban (see page 36 ). Project findings are helping us determine the effectiveness of our approaches to supporting our stakeholders.

UN SDGs relevant to this section

1  Transurban internal calculation based on vehicle type, distance travelled and COPERT emission modelling tool. Read more in our Insights Hub


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