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Corporate Report for the year ended 30 June 2022

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Major infrastructure projects can be disruptive to build— which is why we are vigilant about managing our impacts on local communities.

easier and faster and that the project is good for the city overall. In Melbourne, more than 700 people attended our community open day for the West Gate Tunnel Project where they could find out more about the project from our engineers and other team members as well as enjoying family-friendly activities. Attendees also had the opportunity to learn about what it’s like to work inside one of our huge tunnel boring machines. In Queensland, we continue to actively engage with our neighbours, the local residents and businesses who live and work along our 81 kilometres of roads and tunnels, ensuring they are kept well informed of any maintenance projects and activities that may impact them. In North America, we continued targeted engagement and investments with local communities, including alongside our project corridors. In FY22, this included community consultation around construction on Project NEXT (495 Northern Extension) and establishing dedicated communication channels for project inquiries. We remain focused on increasing public education and awareness of the Maryland Express Lanes Project—Phase 1 and the benefits it will deliver. With the Maryland Department of Transportation, we have provided project briefings to homeowner associations and elected officials, and have participated in numerous community events.

Looking out for our neighbours In FY22, our teams had 12,050 interactions with the community.

2,182 Sydney

3,325 Melbourne

We have teams dedicated to engaging with the community through lengthy construction periods; however, we are also mindful that being a good neighbour does not end at project completion and it is equally important to engage with communities over the long term. In FY22, our teams had around 12,000 interactions with community members, including around 6,000 in the US, through activities ranging from community meetings, events and visits. In Sydney, our teams recorded more than 3,900 engagements with the community surrounding our roads and the WestConnex project. The WestConnex team continued its micro-engagement consultation, interacting through face-to-face engagement, community notifications and social and traditional media. We also continue to track community sentiment towards the project and positive sentiment remains high at 60%. Only 14% feel negatively towards the project. A strong majority has agreed that WestConnex is making travel around Sydney

543 Brisbane

6,000 North America

What do we mean by interaction?

Community interactions include all enquiries, meetings, complaints and compliments, and any consultation events.

Left: We engage with communities before, during and after project delivery, including by sharing information at dedicated centres such as the West Gate Tunnel Project open day


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