2022 Corporate Report

Corporate Report for the year ended 30 June 2022

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Business performance

Governance and risk

Directors’ report

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Financial statements

Sustainability supplement

Security holder information

Guided by our Social Licence Framework, we target our community support to areas we believe are best aligned with our business and will have the greatest impact.

Empowering customers

Strengthening communities

Ensuring customers have all the information and support they need to manage their travel and accounts, and in ways that make their lives easier.

Investing in initiatives and partnerships that minimise our impact and enhance liveability, including the environment, local amenities, and social and financial inclusion.

Driver training

Customer support

Our grants program

Communities impacted by COVID-19-related restrictions $150K donated to 16 Victorian and NSW organisations to support communities most affected by COVID- 19-related restrictions 20,000+ people directly benefitted, through improved food security, mental health and wellbeing and education opportunities

Community fundraising

5 driver training programs across three cities, including new ARTIE partnership (QLD) 300+ participants, 50+ found jobs thanks to their new driver licences

44 customers supported by Linkt Assist 360

$700K+ total grants awarded to local community organisations and initiatives

$2.3M raised for charity via Bridge to Brisbane and Run for the Kids fun runs

500+ people accessed hardship support via the One Stop One Story Hub

50,000+ people directly

USD100K donated to the Northern

benefitted from our financial, material and other support

Virginia community via Drive to Donate

13,000+ customers

100% surveyed participants feel more independent and more socially connected

$485K awarded to 19 Victorian, NSW and Queensland community organisations

~$20,000 donated via our Community Rewards Program

experiencing hardship supported through the Linkt Assist program

Flood relief funding

Championing road safety

Education and training

Ensuring our roads are the safest they can be and investing in partnerships and research to continually lead and share advancements in road safety.

USD117.5K donated in Greater Washington Area and CAD50K donated in Quebec to support local organisations and initiatives

$94,500 emergency relief

4,200+ students in education and STEM programs

Road safety research and action

funding donated to 20+ Queensland community organisations after March 2022 major flooding event $4,500 raised by Transurban employees through a matched giving program 6,000+ people directly benefitted from flood recovery and food security support

190+ scholarships and internships funded

3 new NeuRA road safety research reports released

5 road safety projects progressed with NeuRA

6 employment,

119 crash tests performed at the Transurban Road Safety Centre

education and work experience programs supported

9 journal articles published and conference presentations delivered

2,000+ child car seats checked and fixed


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