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Diversity, equity and inclusion

Our Voice survey revealed

91% agree their direct manager genuinely supports their wellbeing 95% agree gender-based and sexual harassment is not tolerated

87% agree they have the flexibility needed to manage work and other commitments 85% agree people from all backgrounds have equal opportunities to succeed

To effectively understand and support our stakeholders, our workforce must reflect our customer base and the communities we serve.

Understanding how people feel about their work and workplace is key to creating an engaging employee experience. We conduct an annual employee opinion survey, Our Voice, to gather feedback around engagement, confidence in leadership, our customer focus, commitment to diversity and inclusion, and more. We also conduct regular ‘pulse’ surveys to check in and understand how our people are managing during key periods. Results continue to be above global benchmarks on belonging, with 85% of Our Voice respondents agreeing that people from all backgrounds have equal opportunities to succeed at Transurban, and 86% agreeing all types of diversity are valued. Our Voice also revealed 95% of people agree gender-based and sexual harassment are not tolerated at Transurban. We continue to evolve our policies and educate our people to ensure a respectful, safe and inclusive workplace. Initiatives rolled out in FY22 included: • mandatory training on sexual harassment prevention for all employees • new uncapped leave for domestic violence victims • hiring manager training with a focus on identifying and mitigating for unconscious bias when recruiting. Across Australia and North America, we recognised International Women’s Day (IWD), with more than 500 employees participating in a virtual workshop exploring bias and the impact it can have on diversity, key decisions, and inclusion. Our President North America, Pierce Coffee, was interviewed by the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation on how Transurban is ensuring equity in our workforce as part of their IWD forum.

Our targeted efforts towards gender equity across the business have been recognised through the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) Employer of Choice citation, which we have held for nine consecutive years 1 . We were also ranked second in Australia and eighth globally by Equileap, which assessed more than 4,000 companies globally on criteria including gender balance, the gender pay gap, paid parental leave and anti-sexual harassment policies. Our gender pay gap is reviewed annually and continues to be less than or equal to 1%. This year we achieved our target of 40:40:20—40% men, 40% women, 20% any gender/non-binary balance across our direct workforce. 2 We recognise there is always more to be done and we have strategies in place to enable us to continue this focus (for example, providing unconscious bias training for hiring managers as mentioned above).  Suzette Corr on women who break the bias Our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) is focused on creating meaningful and long-term connections with Indigenous communities to help inform our actions. We engage our employees in cultural learning opportunities to increase understanding and appreciation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, histories, knowledge and rights. Read more on page 44. Our North American Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Wellness plan continued during FY22, with focus on increased representation and greater transparency, as well as equipping employees with tools to support inclusion. Activities undertaken included celebrating Black History Month, as well as enhancements to our parental leave policy.

86% agree we value all types of diversity

Figure 13: Direct employee gender 4

Male Female Direct employees 57% 43%

Executive Committee (excluding CEO) 44% 56%

Board (including CEO) 73% 27%

Figure 14: Employee numbers over time 3











1 W GEA Employer of Choice citations are awarded for two year periods and our current Transurban Limited WGEA citation is for the period 2021–2023 2 D irect workforce includes direct employees (which include casual, fixed term and permanent employees (excluding leave of absence and non-executive directors)) and temporary workers and workers contracted through our partner organisations 3 Includes direct employees (casual, fixed term and permanent employees (excluding leave of absence and non-executive directors)) as well as temporary workers 4 N on-binary represents 0.06% of our direct employees

 Pierce Coffee on equity in the transport industry


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