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Corporate Report for the year ended 30 June 2022

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Health and safety

We strive to provide a healthy and safe operating environment for every employee, contractor and visitor at our workplaces.

We expect that our people keep themselves and their colleagues healthy and safe, while also minimising our impacts on the environment. Our employees have Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Action Plans which record their teams’ activities to ensure accountability for a healthy and safe work environment (Figure 15). We encourage our people to proactively record HSE observations and in FY22 we recorded more than 25,000 entries. Employee injuries which require medical treatment are recorded and investigated with learnings applied to prevent future incidents. In FY22, there were no recordable employee injuries (Figure 16). In late FY21, a bespoke HSE learning path was developed to ensure our people have the information necessary to manage their health and safety, as required under legislation. The modules, released progressively during FY22, highlighted specific measures that together create a safe and healthy work environment and help everyone arrive home safely. We continued to promote physical activity and workforce ergonomics, encouraging our people to seek early intervention and support for workplace injuries through our Fitness for Work team and injury management service provider. In FY22, we also established a Fitness for Work hub, housing ergonomic and injury management training, and exercise educational videos. Mental wellbeing also remains an ongoing focus for the business (see page 46).

Figure 15: HSE action plan completion and leadership plans enacted

Figure 16: Number of employee injuries

2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 1 2022

93% of our people leaders have action plans


2 2 2



99% of actions were completed

 Read more about our safety approach with our customers (page 32 ) and our contractors (page 64 )

1 O ne employee injury reported in FY21 end of year reports has been adjusted to two, as a previously reported employee first aid injury (which occurred in March 2021) was upgraded to recordable injury (in November 2021)


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