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Corporate Report for the year ended 30 June 2022

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infrastructure projects in delivery or development assets 7 21 kilometres of road 330 More than

 See how our strategy creates value for government and industry (pages 20 to 21 )

Government and industry Our long-term partnerships with governments in Australia, the US and Canada are key to achieving transport solutions that keep cities moving efficiently. With more than 330 kilometres of road, 10 tunnels and five major bridges, we have a proven track record of delivering and operating diverse assets in partnership with all levels of government. Despite the ongoing challenges presented by the pandemic, including skills shortages and restrictions on construction activity in early FY22, we have seven major infrastructure projects in delivery or development which will improve connectivity in our cities. While population growth has slowed in Australia, the reopening of international borders is expected to see growth rebound faster than projected 1 putting already-stretched transport networks under renewed pressure. Each of our markets has a significant backlog of transport projects, and private sector partnerships will help governments both fund and accelerate the delivery of this critical infrastructure.

UN SDGs relevant to this section

1 A ustralian Government Centre for Population, 2022-23 Budget: Australia’s Future Population. Accessed 30 June 2022


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