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Corporate Report for the year ended 30 June 2022

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Understanding what matters to our business partners and suppliers

Work in live traffic is a necessary part of operating and maintaining safe roads and we do all we can to protect workers on our roads. Keeping road workers safe

We are also a member of Roads Australia’s Road Worker Safety Working Group, that aims to improve the standard and professionalism for those who work in the industry. The group is currently developing a guide for best practice work zone safety, and we are contributing to this guide by sharing our data and experience. In FY22, we also participated in a work zone safety panel at Roads Australia’s Annual Transport Summit where we discussed the challenges of separating workers from traffic in work zones, as well as the opportunities for improved standards and innovation. Nationally, three out of four workplace fatalities involve a vehicle. We continue to support our NSW incident response and maintenance contractor Ventia to increase its workforce’s road-safety awareness while driving vehicles at work. We commissioned accredited safety training experts, Youthsafe, to develop and deliver a tailored safety program to Ventia’s road workers. The program helps workers identify critical road safety issues when they’re behind the wheel or working near vehicles. Workers are invited to reflect on their own experiences and develop strategies to improve their own, and their workplaces’, safety performance. Three sessions have been delivered to date, to around 130 contractors and employees. Feedback has been positive and Ventia is now rolling the training out to its workers on non-Transurban owned assets. We are exploring delivering this program across all our NSW assets and our other Australian markets. In the US, we worked with our contractor on the Fredericksburg Extension project, on a driver awareness around work zones campaign. Many drivers are returning to the roads since the start of the pandemic and the campaign reminded our customers and other road users about driver awareness, road rules and fineable offences.

Our contractors must have comprehensive, industry-leading safety procedures in place for workers entering live-traffic environments, including delineation of the works area from the live environment, personal protective equipment (PPE), signage and other measures. Our Active Client contractor management approach (read more on page 64) also means we monitor and conduct assurances on these procedures. However, even with meticulous safety measures in place, our contractors reported dangerous driving behaviour— such as motorists driving or speeding through closed lanes—was making the environment unsafe for road workers.

We heard what our stakeholders were telling us: unsafe driving practices were increasing workers’ risk. Our response included engagement with the traffic management industry, government transport and road safety agencies and our own contractors. For example, to support our operations and maintenance partners in protecting their workers, we hosted an Incident Response and Maintenance Safety Forum with our NSW operations and maintenance service provider partners. The forum enabled our partners to discuss safety issues, share lessons learned and collaborate on solutions—consolidating knowledge and experience across all partners to enhance overall safety performance.


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