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Corporate Report for the year ended 30 June 2022

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Contractor safety Millions of construction hours are worked on our major projects each year. We work closely with our supply chain partners to identify and mitigate potential health, safety and environment (HSE) risks and hazards.

16.5M contractor hours worked on projects and operations ~6,150 subcontractors completed online HSE induction

FY22 was our first full year working under an enhanced HSE Contract Management Framework, with HSE analytics integrated into our risk reporting and analysis. This approach, designed to improve our overall understanding, identification and management of hazards, risks, incidents and near misses, has delivered improved contractor HSE performance. This year 427 employees who interface and engage with contract management completed training on the new framework. The training enhanced understanding of our contractor oversight approach, Active Client. Under the Active Client approach: • our contractors are responsible for identifying and managing HSE risks associated with delivering their works • we are responsible for monitoring and conducting assurance activities to confirm works are being performed in accordance with contractor’s stated processes. The Active Client approach underpins our engagement with our contractors to enhance HSE performance. We conduct regular joint HSE walks and site visits with our contractors to understand and discuss their key risks and the associated controls in place to manage the risk. We also have well-established processes to respond to outcomes of incident investigations and communicate lessons learnt across our regions. In the US, bilingual (English and Spanish) functionality has been added to our Authority to Access (ATA) permit process. In FY22, we enhanced our ATA system to ensure those accessing our operating assets to perform work have the appropriate safety awareness. Now, every person seeking access must successfully complete an online Transurban Asset Induction before being granted an ATA, and every person must sign in when attending the relevant asset.

During FY22 we also developed an enhanced Contractor Assurance Procedure and a Contractor Performance Verification checklist, and have made these tools available in our health, safety and environment management system. These tools provide additional support for our people when conducting contractor HSE performance assurances for high-risk and other activities performed by contractors. In North America we completed multiple HSE audits to assure contractor compliance with regulatory and contract requirements. Audited parties included our largest technology contractor, largest maintenance contractor, facilities contractor, and the joint venture contractor responsible for design and construction of the Fredericksburg Extension. In addition, Transurban hosts a quarterly Northern Virginia Safety Forum to engage our construction and operations partners in the region to foster continual improvement and share best practices for the protection of our workers. In FY22 we recorded a contractor recordable injury frequency rate (RIFR) of 3.09 per million work hours (Figure 17). This result was under our target of no more than 4.20 and lower than the FY21 RIFR, 3.75. 1 It also includes a contractor recordable injury-free month achieved across all operations and projects in June 2022. 2 Recordable injuries include lost-time injuries, where a person loses one or more full shifts from work, and medical treatment injuries where medical treatment (other than first aid) is required. Read more about our safety approach with our customers (page 32 ) and our people (page 49 )

Figure 17: Contractor RIFR







FY21 1




1 F Y21 Contractor RIFR reported at 3.90 in end of year reporting materials. Following an assurance process on WestConnex, additional contractor hours were recovered lowering the FY21 Contractor RIFR to 3.75 2 Zero contractor fatalities in FY22


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