2022 Corporate Report

Corporate Report for the year ended 30 June 2022

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Business performance

Governance and risk

Directors’ report

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Financial statements

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Board skills and experience The skills matrix below presents the key skills and experience that the Board considers necessary having regard to Transurban’s strategic objectives, core capabilities and the emerging business and governance issues relevant to Transurban. Having completed a period of Board renewal, the Board is satisfied that it collectively possesses an appropriate breadth and depth of skills and experience to provide effective leadership to Transurban.




Board, CEO and/or senior leadership experience in major organisations, enterprises or listed companies in Australia or overseas, and managing through periods of rapid change.

Strategic and commercial acumen

An ability to define strategic objectives and constructively question business plans and implement strategy using commercial judgement.

Health, safety and environment

Experience in health, safety and environmental matters (HSE), policies and strategies, including implementing HSE systems in organisations of significant size.

Risk management

An understanding of financial and non-financial risk management, including operational, conduct, compliance, environmental, technological and governance risk.

Financing/ capital management

Experience in complex financing and/or capital management including economic drivers and global business perspectives.

Project development, project management and delivery

Experience in all aspects of major infrastructure projects, including project engineering.

Industry specific knowledge and expertise

Specific experience, knowledge and expertise gained across the broader infrastructure and transport industries, including global experience.

Customer experience

Knowledge of, or experience in, organisations and operations managing large retail customer bases.

Government and stakeholder relations, public policy and community engagement

Experience in government and regulatory policy matters (including public policy discourse), multiple stakeholder relations and community engagement.

Governance, compliance and sustainability

Commitment to, and knowledge of, governance and sustainability issues (including the legal, compliance and regulatory environment applicable to transport infrastructure and climate change).

People, culture and remuneration

Experience in people matters including culture, morale, management development, succession and remuneration (including incentive programs and the legislative framework governing remuneration).


An understanding of, or experience in, organisations of a significant size having a major technology focus, including new technologies and digital disruption, digital customer management, and cybersecurity.

Financial acumen

Financial knowledge, accounting or related financial management qualifications and experience, including understanding the financial statements of organisations of significant size and complexity and the ability to probe the adequacies of financial and related risk controls.

Deep expertise Competent



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