2022 Corporate Report

Corporate Report for the year ended 30 June 2022

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North American Advisory Board In 2019, the Board established a North American Advisory Board (Advisory Board), which operates in an advisory capacity to the Board. The purpose of the Advisory Board is to capture the wisdom of individuals with deep experience and relationships in the North American region in order to contribute to Transurban’s strategic thinking and the development of executive leadership. The Advisory Board members’ knowledge and experience complements that of North American senior management, providing Transurban with a broad perspective and awareness of the local markets in which it operates and the clients, customers and communities it serves. During FY22 the Board and Senior Executives engaged with the Advisory Board on specific matters related to the North American region. The Advisory Board has been particularly valuable whilst COVID-19-related government restrictions have limited travel to and from North America. In FY22 the Advisory Board met with the Transurban Board both in person in Washington DC and remotely via video conference and provided useful insights on: Transurban’s assets and projects; potential development opportunities in North America; the local market conditions and changes in the political landscape; as well as macroeconomic and geopolitical matters relevant to Transurban’s business operations. In FY22, the Board approved the appointment of a new member to the Advisory Board. The current members of the North American Advisory Board are Françoise Bertrand, Laurie Mahon and Matt Rose, and details of their skills and experience are available at transurban.com/board

Governance policies Transurban has a number of governance policies to guide how it does business, including: • Code of Conduct ―articulates the behaviour expected of Transurban’s Directors and employees, who are expected to align their actions with the code and Transurban’s values whenever they are representing Transurban. • Continuous Disclosure Policy ― establishes our procedure for compliance with Transurban’s continuous disclosure obligations and provides guidance for the identification of material information and timely disclosure of Transurban’s activities to the market. • Dealing in Securities Policy ―prohibits Transurban’s Directors, employees, contractors and their related parties from dealing in Transurban securities if they are in possession of price-sensitive information and provides for open periods during which Directors and employees may trade, subject to any required approvals being obtained. • Ethical Business Practices Policy ― defines the standard required from employees and third parties when working with Transurban, and confirms Transurban’s commitment to a sound culture of compliance and ethical behaviour. • Health, Safety and Environment Policy ―provides Transurban’s commitment to a healthy and safe work environment for all employees, contractors and third parties and to minimise impacts to our environment. • Human Rights Policy ―sets out how Transurban respects and supports internationally-recognised human rights.

• Political Donations Policy ―sets out Transurban’s policies that govern contributions to political parties. • Risk Management Policy and Enterprise Risk Management Framework ― provides guidance and direction on the management of risk in Transurban and states Transurban’s commitment to the effective management of risk.

• Supplier Sustainability Code of Practice —outlines our minimum

standards and leadership expectations which encourage suppliers to go beyond legal compliance in order to advance social and environmental responsibility. • Sustainability Policy ―contains our commitment to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and describes how we are bringing relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals to life in Transurban. • Whistleblower Policy ―encourages and supports people in freely raising concerns over matters they may have witnessed, or if they know about any suspected or actual misconduct or improper state of affairs in relation to Transurban without fear of intimidation, disadvantage or reprisal. Corporate Governance Statement For detailed information on the corporate governance framework and main governance practices, policies and charters of Transurban Group for the year ended 30 June 2022, including details of the Group’s compliance with the 4th edition of the ASX Corporate Governance Council’s Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations, refer to the Group’s 2022 Corporate Governance Statement on the Transurban website.

Read more at transurban.com/ corporate-governance


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