2022 Corporate Report

Corporate Report for the year ended 30 June 2022

Introduction and overview

Business performance

Governance and risk

Directors’ report

Remuneration report

Financial statements

Sustainability supplement

Security holder information

Key risks—Opportunities and threats 1

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Change in opportunity within FY22 2

Example management responses

New business opportunities in our target markets Opportunities to further grow the business and enhance existing assets and operations or pursue acquisition or investment opportunities of other non-Transurban assets.

• Demonstrate leadership in sustainability, climate risk, road safety and emerging technologies • Focus on the right opportunities aligned to our business strategy • Continue to build relationships with partners and other stakeholders • Demonstrate core capabilities and delivery credibility • Maintain leading understanding of the transport needs of our markets and develop solutions based on this understanding • Market scanning and review of non-Transurban assets • Further collaboration with existing and new investment partners targeting emerging opportunities • Develop new service offerings utilising existing capabilities. • Customer listening programs, monitoring emerging risks and emerging technology review to identify trends • Technology road map, including identification of suitable technology partners and solutions • Strategic initiatives to test and pilot technology adaptations • Implementation of digital tools, such as Trip Compare • Community and customer engagement • Cloud and digital architecture strategy • Future development and expansion of LinktGO and GoToll • Continued investment in channel optimisation and digital offerings including apps and features. • Customer Hardship Program and Financial Inclusion Action Plan • Managed motorway risks such as pre-peak-hour speed limit reductions to lower risk of rear-end crashes • Transurban Road Safety Centre at Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA) research program • Membership with Social Traders to identify opportunities to increase direct • Research and pilots of new technologies to reduce environmental impacts of construction materials as well as other initiatives to move toward carbon neutrality • Sustainability Strategy aligned to the nine UN Sustainable Development Goals most relevant to our business • Sustainable procurement program which also addresses modern slavery risks. and indirect spend with certified social enterprises • Infrastructure Sustainability ratings for road assets

Reflects continuing focus on development

opportunities in target markets

Harness technology and services to develop new projects and offerings Transurban’s technology footprint and mobile app platforms present the opportunity to respond to customer opportunities within the market or establish differentiators against our competitors.

Implementation of upgrades to our core customer account and billing systems

Sustainability initiatives to enhance road user and community experience Opportunity to further pursue sustainability projects to enhance social and environmental outcomes for communities and social licence credentials.

Continued focus on sustainability opportunities and associated technologies

1 Transurban’s exposure to financial risks and the policies we have in place for managing that risk can be found in the Derivatives and Financial Risk Management notes—see note B15. This section discusses our hedging policies, credit risk, interest rate risk and liquidity and funding policies Transurban considers the impacts of climate change as a potential contributing factor to many of our threats and opportunities. For more information on our climate change management strategies and our consideration of transition and physical risks refer to climate change risk management on page 89 of this report and our Sustainability Supplement 2 D irectional arrows are a general assessment only of the risk change over the year, detailed risk reviews are undertaken regularly to ensure alignment with our risk appetite statement as outlined in “Risk management” on page 82


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