2022 Corporate Report

Corporate Report for the year ended 30 June 2022

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Key risks—Opportunities and threats 1

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Change in threat within FY22 2

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Maintaining the safety and wellbeing of employees and contractors Due to the nature of some of our work activities, employees, workers and other stakeholders could be exposed to harm or suffer wellbeing issues if business controls fail to be adequate. Mental wellbeing of employees could be impacted given COVID-19. Dependency on third parties and critical suppliers Loss of a key strategic supplier due to liquidation, legal action, buyout/ takeover. Likewise, availability, performance issues or inflation pressures could lead to a disruption in supply of a critical service/ capabilities to Transurban or impact on development or operational costs. Inability to attract and retain the workforce capability required by the organisation for critical roles An inability to attract best talent as well as ensure that we retain the key critical people necessary to drive and grow the business could lead to the unavailability of critical key roles or capabilities. This combined with the impact of COVID-19 on critical or overseas resources/ support requirements could impact on the availability of operational resources to support projects, bids and development opportunities. Treasury management of debt, liquidity, and balance sheet Volatility in interest rates, hedging and refinancing could impact financial exposure and funding for new projects.

• Safety reporting and management systems that enable detailed analytics • Contractor management and engagement to ensure implementation of Transurban minimum requirements • Ongoing development and implementation of the Transurban HSE culture including delivery of mental health and wellbeing initiatives and support services • HSE training and awareness including practical exercises • Proactive HSE observation and HSE Action Plan activities linked to employee performance KPIs • Regular internal and external HSE reviews of our HSE frameworks and management system. • Due diligence throughout procurement processes • Environmental scans and proactive industry engagement • Supplier and Contractor Management Framework which includes requirements for Supplier Performance Management • Ongoing delivery of Sustainable Procurement Program including acting in accordance with the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth) requirements, potential climate change obligations and collaboration with suppliers to respond to potential risks within our supply chain • Considerations of alternative risk sharing concepts including sharing of risk for supply impacts and cost escalations • Explore opportunities for engaging a broader range of contractors, through project-specific procurement packaging • Research of infrastructure delivery within Australian market • Review of new industry procurement and contractual packages. • Strategically prioritising talent growth and development opportunities • Workforce planning • Regular talent reviews and succession planning • Employee engagement, belonging and wellbeing initiatives • Strategic sourcing for agreed roles • Tactical strategies including resourcing, retention, performance and remuneration to support acquisition and retention of critical skills • Key industry partnerships/memberships. • Rating protections through Transurban’s predictable cash flow from established concessions, which are supported by embedded toll escalations and hedging policies • Regular reporting of funding activities, performance against key metrics, compliance, operational issues/breaches • Annual review and approval of the Treasury Frameworks, Treasury Policy and Charter by the Board • Capital Strategy and annual review of the Funding Plan • Monthly reporting of compliance against debt • Stress testing of debt exposure based on market assumptions • Disciplined approach to opportunities • Effective management of costs, debt and balance sheet.

Positive safety and wellbeing performance for

FY22. HSE remains a focus for the business

with a refreshed strategy for FY23

Increase reflects global supply chain challenges and geopolitical environment

Increase reflects active competition for key talent

1 Transurban’s exposure to financial risks and the policies we have in place for managing that risk can be found in the Derivatives and Financial Risk Management notes—see note B15. This section discusses our hedging policies, credit risk, interest rate risk and liquidity and funding policies Transurban considers the impacts of climate change as a potential contributing factor to many of our threats and opportunities. For more information on our climate change management strategies and our consideration of transition and physical risks refer to climate change risk management on page 89 of this report and our Sustainability Supplement 2 D irectional arrows are a general assessment only of the risk change over the year, detailed risk reviews are undertaken regularly to ensure alignment with our risk appetite statement as outlined in “Risk management” on page 82


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