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Brian Hosey


n physics, there is a term called escape ve- locity, which refers to the amount of energy it takes for an object, in this case a rocket, to lift off the ground and escape earth’s gravitational pull. The amount of energy required to lift a rocket off the ground and push it through the upper atmosphere takes tremendous force. I Most salespeople underes- timate the amount of energy it takes to become successful. In commercial real estate bro- kerage, the gravitational force keeping you on the ground is strong. A new salesperson needs to build a database, learn underwriting, study the comps, cold call, and overcome objections. Most importantly, a new salesperson needs to learn how to sell their services to a future prospect. The list goes on. As if that was not

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challenging enough, there is a sea of competitors trying to put you out of business. Commercial real estate is a full-contact sport that requires a level of dedication and sac- rifice that most people are not prepared to give. If you find yourself hoping that the phone will ring with a “hot lead” you will surely fail. Hoping a rocket will somehow find its way into outer space without the appropriate planning and energy required is foolish. There is good news! Sales- people that engage in high ac- tivity levels, aka high energy output, build momentum and become successful. And the

continued on page 10A But don’t get lazy! Even a spaceship needs to turn on the booster rockets every now and then to stay on course. A good salesperson must do the same. I recommend that new sales- people commit to at least five years of high activity levels. best part? You can control your activity levels. Once you have listed and closed several transactions, you now produce your own gravitational force. Prospecting becomes easier. Underwriting is less mysteri- ous. Cold calling is less scary, and referrals will start to come to you. An object in motion wants to stay in motion.

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