Terms & Conditions of Service

APPENDIX F – SAFE WORK PLANNING AND FACILITY CROSSING Effective April 4, 2018 Contained below is a list of activities and installations SaskEnergy is prepared to authorize within the Right of Way or 1.5 metre set back area, without further application or consent (“Permission”), provided the terms and conditions set out herein are met and maintained. If you (the “Grantee”) do not have SaskEnergy’s agreement in writing, any activity or installation which is not expressly allowed herein is prohibited and is deemed undertaken without SaskEnergy’s Permission. All SaskEnergy Pipelines have certain legislated protections. Section 36 of The SaskEnergy Act has historically precluded buildings or other structures over a Pipeline. Pursuant to Section 7.1 of The SaskEnergy Regulations , Site Disturbances in proximity to a SaskEnergy Pipeline requires Permission from SaskEnergy prior to proceeding. Permission is required of SaskEnergy when working within the Right of Way or within 1.5 metres of the Pipeline if no Right of Way exists. The relevant provisions of The SaskEnergy Act and The SaskEnergy Regulations are appended as Addendum “A”. These protections are similar in nature to the protections historically in place for other types of pipeline by statute, with or without a Right of Way, and to those which are incorporated into most Right of Way agreements. In the event of a conflict between this Appendix, and a written Easement, Right of Way or permission to construct agreement, the written agreement shall govern. Provided that, if consent of SaskEnergy would be otherwise required, no damages shall be payable by SaskEnergy with respect to Work or Installations authorized herein except in accordance with the terms hereof. Prior to commencing Work, the Grantee shall arrange for an underground line locate by contacting Sask 1st Call online at www.sask1stcall.com or by phone at 1-866-828-4888. Line locates require a minimum of two full working days’ notice. All distances and locations herein are relative to the Pipeline not the line locate marker. Line locate markers (flags, stakes or paint) are deemed accurate if placed within one metre horizontal distance from the Pipeline, pursuant to Section 57 of The SaskEnergy Act . Exposure of the Pipeline by hand or hydro- vac is required if the precise location of the Pipeline needs to be determined. Further written Permission from SaskEnergy is required if, 1) Work includes the construction of a road, street, pavement, pathway, lane or parking area across a SaskEnergy pipeline; 2) Work is completed by or on behalf of a public utility, municipality, city, or railway; 3) Work is on a property or parcel of land that does not have an active SaskEnergy service connection but SaskEnergy pipeline facilities are still present.

To obtain further written Permission , visit the Staying Safe/Planning a Dig Project section of SaskEnergy's website. In case of a gas emergency, pipeline damage, or contact with a natural gas Pipeline call SaskEnergy at 1-888-700-0427.

SaskEnergy Terms and Conditions of Service Schedule – Appendix F

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